“We Will Fight, My Child!”. A Very Funny Yet Inspiring Video Made By A Soon-To-Be Dad

Being a dad is one of the greatest challenges any man could ever face. Aside from the emotional support Daddies give to their own wives and children, they also need to financially support them with all their needs and stuff. A really tough job for soon-to-be daddies.

A short video posted on Facebook last August 29, 2018 by a soon-to-be daddy went viral due to its comical act. The video reached 1.7 million views with 24k shares. The caption above the video was “Lalaban tayo, anak!” which means “We will fight, my child!”. This video was made and posted by Mr. Jonas Gabriel Pangan, a soon-to-be daddy from Philippines.

In the video, Mr. Jonas Gabriel Pangan was in a shopping mall searching for baby stuff. As he reached for the breastfeeding bottles, his eyes went wide as it cost almost $75. He was in disbelief again when he went on for a bed mattress that cost $40 and saw a baby stroller which cost more than $400.He was a little bit dismayed over the prices but at the end of the video, he showed a sign with his hand that he was going to do everything for his own child.

Even though he is facing a greater challenge now that he is going to be a dad soon, he has shown people that quitters never win. Giving up is not an option and he is going to conquer it all no matter what happens.

Amazingly, he made something that could inspire a lot of soon-to-be dads. It spread a lot of positivity and hope. Truly an inspiring man with lots of humor and courage.

The video was a very fun way of relating their struggles and experiences to others especially to daddies who give their all physical and emotional strength. In some way, it touched the hearts of thousands of people because they can undeniably relate to it.

The video was admirable as it gave good vibes and a light of hope. Despite of everything, it had shown great strength to never give up and to fight for love. Nothing is really impossible when it comes to unconditional love.

He had really shown great courage and deep love for his little angel. He was ready to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a father. He knew that it will never be easy but as long as he has faith to God, he will always have the strength to go on and fight for his love for his family.

The video made by the soon-to-be daddy might be so funny that many daddies and parents can relate but it had really shown something inspirational and genuine love from a FATHER who is going to sacrifice everything just to give what is best for his upcoming angel.

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