Visually Impaired Baby; Here’s The Emotional Moment Mom Gives Him Eyeglasses For First Time

Vision is never going to be the same as our age increases. When we reach the age range of being an adult, once we get into some heavy loaded work, our vision slowly becomes affected and this calls for a pair of glasses or some pair of contact lenses. Our eyes would adjust with these devices and might be hard to use at first. It might be difficult to get the errands off with something your eyes were not used to. But this vision sometimes becomes unclear even in early stages of life. Some teenagers and even kids have experienced trouble with their vision. At a very early age, we could see children nowadays with thick eyeglasses. Some might have inherited and comes with the genes they got from either parent or both.

But baby Christian’s situation is a whole lot different from the others. His vision was impaired even before he could even speak. He himself discovered that his vision was not normal, and his parents realized after sometime that something was off. They took him to a doctor to check on him and it was confirmed that his visions weren’t doing good. The doctor prescribed him his very first eye glasses. Baby Christian got a soft textured, baby blue, infant-friendly glasses to ensure both his comfort and its proper function as well. Christian’s parents predicted that it would not be easy to let him try the new pair of glasses made for him. It would take time to adjust, as what they have observed on some kids and even on adults. They thought about filming the whole scene no matter what the little baby boy’s reaction would be.

His parents expected for the worse rather than the better part of having it in place. Children, especially babies are usually the ones that cannot be easily encouraged about wearing eye glasses. But they captured the whole scene no matter what. It was his mom who tried to put it on Christian’s face. He looked at how mom was acting suspiciously. He looked scared, confused and upset all at once. He looks so sad on seeing his mom doing something he is not totally aware of. He didn’t understand the whole thing until she put the glasses into place. He was about to throw tantrums and cry. But once the glasses were comfortably put, you could describe that he did probably noticed the difference. He stopped the act of about to throw tantrums. He looked at his new pair of glasses and saw how everything was so clear unlike before. How lines that were once blur are now apparently not. It was so satisfying to see that he was so happy and comfortable with his new pair of glasses. No more blur objects and hello to ca clearer environment.

Being visually impaired is difficult. With the technology we have now, we should be thankful that in any way or another, there are a million ways for us to see clearer again than before.