Twin Sisters, Separated at Birth and Finally Reunited on 'GMA,' Reflect on Year of Sisterhood

Family is love. It may sound a cliché but all the love that we have comes from the family.

Not every one of us is fortunate enough to have a family on our own. Some at an early age were separated already from their family. This is true to the twin sisters Audrey and Gracie. Yes, they are twin sisters and they are not just ordinary twins but identical twins. These two were born in China but were separated at birth.


Yet luck was at their side when each was adopted separately by both American parents. Audrey was with the Doering family in Wisconsin while Gracie was with Rainsberry family in Washington. However, these two sisters and their family did not even know that each sister has a twin sister.

When Jennifer, mom of Audrey was doing an extensive research about her daughter's historical and biological background, she found out a picture of her daughter with another little girl that looked exactly the same as Audrey.


Jennifer was astonished with what is in front of her two eyes so she searched for more and discovered the truth- Audrey really has an identical twin sister. She felt that these two sisters must meet and see each other. With the help of social media, she reached and contacted the family of Audrey's other half.

The sisters finally meet in real life for the first time in Good Morning America show. Audrey was excited to finally meet her other half. And when the time come for them to finally see each other face to face, tears of joy from both of their eyes rolled on each other's cheeks.



It was a perfect moment for these girls and for their families as well. It was beautiful seeing the two hugged each other with full of happiness and love. And it was amazing seeing them looked so perfectly the same, even the clothes and the eye glasses they wear that time was absolutely the same.

At that moment the girls feel the love of each other and the sense of emptiness vanished. To them, they become whole and complete again.

"I feel complete and loved", were the words of Audrey.

It is indeed a nice feeling to be whole and complete. Though adopted children are grateful for having their own family, but most of them, sometimes feel deep in their hearts that there is still a missing part in their life. Audrey is lucky enough that her mom herself looked for a way to make her a complete person, connecting the missing pieces of her life together to make her complete. These two young girls are indeed very fortunate to have a family that truly loves them.

Watch the video and see the wonderful moment of their first real life reunion.