Tiny Ballerina Follows Mommy Onstage and Steals the Show with Amazing Dance Moves

Mother always wants best for their children. Being a mother is not an easy task to tackle. To top it all, pursuing your dreams while struggling to be a best mother to your children is equally exhausting. Yet, if it is really your passion, no one can stop you. Right?!Anyway, the reasons behind all your struggles to go on with your passion and achieve your dreams are your children.  Am I right again? Yes of course, every mother always wants what is best for her children.

That’s what Bree Hafen did. She talked about her journey being a mother while pursuing her dreams in the video. Bree who is a mother of two, followed her heart’s desire of being a dancer when she Joined and showed off her dance moves at “So You Think You Can Dance” show. During Bree’s audition, her two children, watched her, with full of excitement, on stage. To her surprise, after her dance performance, they followed her on the stage. And what happened next was just marvelous! It looks like Bree is not the only dancer in the family. After her dance performance, her daughter eagerly said “My turn” on her mother’s ears. Right then and there, when Bree told the judges that her daughter wants to dance, the judges did not hesitate to put on Ballet music for her daughter. And there the little girl goes with her marvelous dance moves of turning and twirling like a pro ballerina; leaving the judges so impressed with her unbelievable moves that most 2-year-old child cannot possibly do. But since this little girl’s blood of being a dancer is running in her stream, her performance was indeed exceptional, stealing the stage from her mother. Wow, so astonishing!

During the show, it was not just Bree’s story that drew everyone’s attention but as well as her daughter’s tale. Amazing right? Well, seeing your daughter being applauded and loved by the audience and the judges as well is indeed an achievement not just for your child but most to you as a mother. Seeing your child having the same passion as you is really amazing. Just imagine doing the thing that you love with your children. Isn’t it great?! In this way you can as well take care of them. 

As a mother whatever your child wants, just support and guide her, but of course, that, as long as it doesn’t harm her or anyone. As for Bree’s story, it was indeed very inspiring to see how the children supported their mother and to see a mother’s enormous love to her children. And as for this tiny little Ballerina, you still have a long way to go baby girl but I am very positive you can do it because the love and support of your mother and family are always there. And of course you have the talent running within you plus the courage that is very commendable. Watch the video to be inspired.