This Toddler Gets Angry With His Dad, Doesn't Want Him To Play This Instrument! Her Reaction is Adorable

A bundle of joy, that's how people define children. Indeed, they might really are.  From birth, people watching them are usually all smiles from ear to ear. Having an infant may be tiring and stressful most of the time but when they smile, every pain and stress melts away. Toddlers might seem to be much more tiring than infants. They are at the moment of discovering things, understanding how things works and exploring everything around them. They act carelessly most of the times and always do and say whatever they think. This is what happened to the toddler who happened to caught her dad playing with her toys.

People have been laughing over this hilarious video about a toddler and her dad. Her dad was playing over her daughter's strong attitude. When the little girl went out of the room, her dad would quickly stand and grab her maracas. He would play it so that the little girl could hear them out. The toddler would quickly run back to the room and scolds her dad for playing her maracas. She would grab the maracas and puts it away from him. She would repeatedly say no to her dad then would leave the room.

The little girl acts like a big lady while scolding her dad for sneaking up on her and plays her maracas. The over exaggerated act made the whole family laugh. She looks so cute being angry at her sneaky father. Who could resist such a child? No one would, definitely. And so, no one really did. Dad did the act again and again. The little girl would storm back to the room with an angry face and snatch the maracas from her daddy. She would place it back to the couch and tells her daddy a firm "no", again and again and all over again. The little girl trusted her daddy so bad that hoped he might listen to her, and as seen, dad never did even the least. She lectured her daddy over and over again, and it always look so adorable and funny as well. She even tried to put the maracas at the next couch a little more far away from her dad. Never did she tried to bring the maracas with her. She just leaves it at the couch and leaves the room to trust that her daddy would never touch her dear maracas.

The multiple no's and angry face of the little girl just relieves one's stress by laughing it all out. They really are one's bundle of joy. Children do usually do the drama in most situations, sometimes they misunderstand the things around them. But hey, they sure do give another person a big laugh. Toddler years are really one of the best years and funniest part of being a child, not for them at the moment but for the people around them.

A heartful laugh and an adorable child infront of you, won't that fill your days? It surely will and would relieve the stress away. Bundle of joy they are, that gives tons of happiness to the people around them.