This Rescue Pit Bull Loves Kissing People From All 50 States

We lived in this world and were given a task to take care of nature no matter what. We were tasked to be good stewardess of the animals and plants. Have we been good in doing such task? Probably we did well after all, though some just barely give a thing or care to animals and even the plants around us. But we can’t ever blame nature for throwing tantrums whenever we do something awful to her. Some people just don’t have the heart to care for their fellow living, I guess. Just like this video, wherein the surveillance footage shows three people pulling and tying a dog up in a fence in Brooklyn. How awful could this dog be that they tied him up? Or was it the people who were awful?

Seeing the dog from the video, she has facial wounds and looks like she was indeed literally in so much pain. This wide faced and goofy pit bull definitely doesn’t deserve all the pain those guys have caused her. But despite the scenarios she has been through, she remained friendly. This dog has been so kind to all, unlike the people that have hurt her. She doesn’t deserve that kind of pain that even caused her wounds all over her face. My heart was touched by how kind she stayed despite the pain she has been through. This dog was then named Princess Gracie and even has an instagram account with thousands of followers and growing fans all over their country. She likes licking on everybody and even on their faces. She was just so adorable and no hint of her being beaten before can be seen in her actions. She stayed friendly to everyone and even tries to connect with people even up to today. She is definitely a licker. She likes to give kisses to every single person she get to interact with or even someone she only met once or barely even knew so well. With her story, she tries to give us hope to trust again this awful and painful world. Even though people have been so mean to her before, she remained loving and adorable to every human she meets. Her kissing them is the usual thing she does when she meets other people wherein she felt she is loved. Trusting again and forgetting the harsh events she have gone through before, it would be difficult for most humans to do so even for me. The scar the past have let would always takes you down to memory lane. But for Gracie, she shows no hint or trace of violence in her past. She never carried it with her now, and that makes her even more amazing. Now, they are trying to let Gracie meet people and with a goal of getting people all over 50 states to get kissed by her. She just never looks less of being adorable and cute.

Nobody deserves such violence may it be a man or even a dog. Everyone deserves to be loved equally as living things on this earth. No one is higher than any being, we all are made equal. We should treat each other as equals not inferior or superior to the other being. Live and spread love.