This Man Walked 20-Miles so That He Could Make it to His First Day of Work

     Walter Carr is a college student from Alabama, he is 20-years-old when he moved to Homewood after he and his mother lost their home because of a Hurricane. His car broke down unexpectedly before his first day of work even started but, with his strong will and dedication to his job, he decided to make the 20-mile trip on foot even if he didn’t secure a ride from anyone else.
     When he found an opening at Bellhops, he didn’t hesitate and took it. It was a furniture moving service company relatively close to his dormitory and school campus. When he went outside to start his car at 11:00pm to check it up, his 2003 Nissan Altima wouldn’t start!

    To make it to the town by 4a.m in the morning, Carr started to walk at midnight, hours before his first day of work for Bellhops Movers – the name of the moving company that he’s going to work for. While he was walking on his 14th mile, he encountered a few Pelham police officers, and asked him he’s alright.
     Officer Knighten and two of his fellow comrades – Klint Rhodes and Carl Perkinson – picked him up and went to a local diner. Walter explained everything to the policemen and gave him a ride to his work. Finally, he arrived in his work destination just in time.

     Jenny Hayden Lamey, the owner of the house was very shocked when she heard what happened to Walter. She offered Walter to go upstairs and rest for a while until his co-workers arrived. But he declined the offer, instead he started to work. He worked as hard as anybody else. He even impressed the homeowners, Chris and Jenny Lamey with his dedication.

     Jenny decided to write a heartwarming post about Walter and even created a GoFundMe page just for him to help him out. Planning to raise $2.000 for Walter and unexpectedly rise all the way to $34, 000!
“Yesterday was a long day. But a good day. Chris and I woke up around 5:45am to get everything staged ad ready for the movers. Around 6:30am the doorbell rang. It was a police officer. He proceeded to tell us that he had picked up “this nice kid” in Pelham early this morning. ‘The nice kid”, Walter, said that he was supposed to help us with our move today. It was his first day on the job with this moving company (Bellhops) and he was “training” today. The officer proceeded to tell us that the precious evening Walter’s car broke down and he didn’t know how he was going to get to work. So he left Homewood at MIDNIGHT and started WALKING to Pelham on 280. He WALKED ALL NIGHT to get from Homewood to Pelham. Because he needed to get to work. For those reading this that are not local, that’s over 20 Miles. You could tell how the officer told us this story that he had complete admiration for Walter and by my reaction he could tell I did too. The police officer said they picked him up earlier that morning, took him to get some breakfast and once they checked his story out, brought Walter to our house. We introduced ourselves to Walter and told the officer he was just fine to stay here with us until the rest of the crew arrived.”

     But wait, there’s more! When Luke Marklin, the CEO of the company where Walter worked heard the news from his employee’s commitment. Luke drove from Tennessee and generously gifted him a car! For the GoFundMe that they've gathered, it was stated that Walter will donate the funds to the Birmingham Organization. Such nice lad!

     We can obviously see that Walter couldn’t believe what was happening to him that day. His tears fell like rain with gladness. This story touched so many people and he became a symbol of courage and kindness. Netizens even came up with a hashtag #belikeWalter to support the young man!