This is How Dad Talks to Baby About Not to Cry While Mom Giggles

                Parenting is definitely tough. And watching over an infant is a lot tougher. You don’t get to know why they suddenly cry out loud and it would just not end too soon. They would continue crying after some time or until you get what they mean. It would really give you some major head ache. Not to mention you also won’t be getting that much sleep anymore once you get to have your own baby. So when this new little girl cried out loud for some time, dad talked to her after the crying has subsided.

                They could be cute and adorably. They could be sweet and just so timid sometimes and easily cries. Infants could be a real deal once you are a parent. They cry for so many reasons that you have to guess it right away correctly or else you got to suffer some huge head ache and keeps you up all night until you get to know what they mean. It might mean they are hungry or sleepy or was pooping or just plainly uncomfortable. After a crying session, this dad of a 4 week old cuddly little baby girl decided to break unto something with her. Just like any real man deal with troubles and problems, he gave a real talk with his daughter and mom was just getting her camera ready to take cover of everything he was about to do with her baby.

                He started with, “We need to have a conversation right now.” And then questions about his little girl crying all of a sudden started. The baby girl just looked at her daddy eye to eye and listened carefully to everything he was saying. Then her curious daddy continued the lecture, “I’m curious. Go ahead and tell me why you were crying. I would like to know.” She never gave out a sound and stared back at her father just looking at him straight face. Her daddy just continued asking her about things and whys and all about her crying. And the same reaction can be seen all over the little girl’s face. Not a slight move of change.  Her mommy was just laughing at the corner while she was filming everything on daddy’s quite serious interrogation on his little 4 week old daughter.

                Everything just looks so cute especially when the little baby girl smiled as her daddy continued the questioning. She just smiled and probably was thinking what on earth is happening on her dad. Or was imagining what could everything this old man has been saying all along. But dad still continued to moderate the situation. The real talk with his 4 week old daughter was undeniably adorable after all. From her smiles and innocent look, she might just be really tired and wanted to take a rest. And her daddy never got a clue that was all it meant.