This Homeless Man Had One Wish, Stranger Makes It Come True

Everyone has always dreamed of something. Every one of us has wishes we wanted to make come true some day. It might be something for our selves, for our future, for our family, or something we wanted to do ever since. There is always that something in each of us that we wanted to try, something new we were curious of, or something that we wanted to achieve some day. No matter what we are, no matter where we live or what race we belong to, we can all dream and wish for something in our life. That makes it possible for a homeless man, Mike, makes his wish come true too. It might be something some have already done back when they were still a child.

They have known Mike over a year now and wanted to do something special for him. They have talked about his life, how it was going on and what he has always wanted to do back before. And they found out that Mike never had ever gone to the zoo before. So they decided to take to a trip to the zoo. That early morning they went to where Mike is currently staying as of the moment. He is at the hotel for three days now. The group bought him some new clothes that he could use. For days they searched and looked for Mike’s daughter and planned out to reunite the two. After a long time of being far from each other. What would Mike’s reaction be?

The show’s host and Mike’s daughter went together to the hotel where Mike was staying for days now. They host was excited to see Mike's reaction that day too. He knocked on the door and it took not that long for Mike to open his room's door. Looking out if he was with someone else, he saw his daughter. The surprise took him for a moment and hugged his daughter real tight. Mike was excited telling them how the morning went, he said he went for some walk and played a little. He even told the audience what shampoo he was using when he took a bath. The excitement in his voice would surely grab one's heart. Everyone might have easily done this in their everyday life, but seeing and hearing Mike's excitement and appreciation on the little things he has done that morning would make you think again, when was the last time you thanked and got amazed by your life's routine?

It took no time and brought Mike in the car to take him somewhere he never ever went before. Not even together with his daughter. They kept Mike's eyes covered for him not to see and leave him no clue where they were going to. Everyone was excited for Mike. They reached the destination and left Mike surprised. He walk down the pavement with amazement on everything he was seeing. They strolled around the zoo with his daughter and even took someone to draw them. Just look the similarities between the two. It might just be a day but Mike would surely never forget about this day.

About how the day went for his first in the zoo. And not just that, he get to see his daughter and brought her with him that day. Every wish could surely come true, and you can make someone's wish come true, too.