This Father Met the Recipient of His Late Daughter's Heart

Losing someone in our life is never easy. Death has been always painful for the living. Everything feels helpless and worthless as well. But this story about a young girl and her dad biking for miles would change your perspective about death.

Bill Conner rode his bike and traveled for 14,000 miles just to hear his daughter's heartbeat. His daughter, Abbey, was 20 year old when she left this world. She died during her trip to Cancun over the winter break. She was with her brother that time when they saw her face down in a pool along side her brother. Her brother has survived the incident and has already fully recovered. He even had already graduated from college. But unfortunately, Abbey didn't. Her brain dead caused her death.
Abbey's death was not as how others turn out. Her death has given four people a chance to live their lives. She donated her four organs to four men with age range from 20 to 60 years old. One of her organ's receiver is Loumonth. Loumonth Jack Jr. was 20 year old when he had experienced a heart attack. The doctor told him he only got 10 days to live. He was already losing hope from what he has heard. Everything felt helpless knowing he is already at the brink of his death. Just when the good news came, a donor is ready to donate him a heart.

During father's day, Bill started his 1400 mile journey to Baton Rouge, Los Angeles using his bicycle. He rode that far just to hear his daughter's heartbeat. There he met Loumonth, the new owner of Abbey's heart, and his family. He was given with a stethoscope to let him hear the heartbeat. Look at how glad Bill was upon hearing it. It seemed like music to his ears. After some minutes, you could see in the video that it almost bring Bill to tears. Before Bill leaves the place, they recorded the heartbeat so that he could listen to it at anytime he wanted to.

Bill Conner's biking never stops only in Los Angeles but will continue as his life goes on. He wanted to raise awareness about organ donation and continues his 2000 mile bike journey for this campaign. Raise the awareness how organ donation could save lives and help more people around the world. Death is inevitable but you can help those who are in the brink of death through donation. The decision between letting it stay and giving it to someone you don't know is totally difficult. You never know if that someone would truly take care of what you have given him or her. In any way, it is indeed a big help that would truly save and change their lives.

A big salute to Abbey Conner with his pure and loving heart. For being a living proof that life could never end with death but could still continue by sharing whatever you have. Her generosity is truly beyond measure and we hope for more kind people like Abbey to become angels in others' lives.


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