This Boy Touches His Mom's Heart By Making Future Plans With His Newborn Brother

Newborn babies are just the most sweetest thing on earth to arrive. They could be the cuddliest in the house and at the same time, the most vulnerable. And when you know it’s going to be the youngest in the family, the first born children will be excited to meet them. I could remember back when I was little, knowing I would be having a little baby sister arriving, I immediately offered to clean the house. Just like what most people do when a visitor is coming. Sparks in the eyes and the want to touch them is to be expected. Everyone in the house would definitely be anticipating for their arrival but no one could be the excitement of being an older sister of brother.

Having a younger brother or a younger sister means a lot of difference to the older one. This would first mean you would get lesser attention from your parents than the usual because the baby would be like needing things for a minute then crying for some time. It is never easy and the same goes for the parent who is watching over the baby. You won’t get to see the newborn baby that easily too. Parents would be as much as they could, protective on the newborn. The older siblings would then try their best to adjust from the sudden changes they were about to encounter.

Photo: Youtube

Tommy and Ehan got a lot of cute experiences from this. See in the video how cute and adorable they were while Ehan was carrying Tommy. His hands were still while holding the baby. Ehan kept his arms and hands steady as he could. It is good to see how parents tried their best for the children to get acquainted with each other. Giving them good time and a good kind of bonding could help break the gap between the two siblings, old and younger. These bonds could help solidify the relationship between the two. Ehan looks real cute and responsible by holding and carrying Tommy that time. And what is so cute about this scenario is when he started asking his little brother about something.

Photo: Youtube

Ehan is one clever guy and his talkative at the same time. As you could see in the video while he was holding his newly born little brother, he tried to start a conversation that has amazed most people who have watched the video. He asked Tommy what he likes when he grow up and answered the question by himself. Ehan had filled in the blank the ones that are not being designed. Ehan answered shortly after that with assumptions that Tommy wanted to be a fireman and they two with his older brother will be fighting side by side with water.

Photo: Youtube

Everything in the video is nothing less than cute.  See how the older brother gives time to his little brother makes the two look so inseprabale. They look concern for each of them. Ehan is indeed going to be on great father.

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