They Brought This Great Dane In to Help Bella- The Entire Family was Stunned by What it Did

For so many instances, dogs have been known as a great companion to people. The famous concept that says, “Dogs are man’s best friend” is literally true and has proven many times already.

Bella is one of those many that is fortunate enough to have such a kind dog to accompany her. Bella has a Morquio Syndrome.  It is a rare, inherited, metabolic disorder that would mean a lifetime of pain and sufferings.


Bella was only two years old when she was brought to the doctor when her parents realized she was not growing correctly. During that time then, they heard the most hurting news ever- Bella has a Morquio Syndrome.

Scientifically speaking, Morquio Syndrome, also known as MPS IV, is a rare metabolic disorder in which the body cannot process certain types of mucopolysaccharides (long chains of sugar molecules), which the body uses as lubricants and shock absorbers. According to, MPS IV is a progressive disease, meaning symptoms get worse as a child grows.



For Bella, the doctor informed them that this disease is attacking her bones and causing tons of other health issues, including her stunted growth, and worst her life span would be cut shorter than the normal average person.

However, Bella is quite a tough little girl. Bella persisted and learned how to walk, talk and do everything that she can do by herself. But she still had difficulty doing other things; her parents felt that she needed something that could help her brighten up. Her mother thought that a constant companion could be of great help to dear Bella. So her mom went to the Service Dog Project hoping that she could find help.


Bella uses crutches and wheelchair most of the time. Perhaps, because of her physical appearance, the dogs in the group pay no attention to her. But one Great Dane pup with a name of George came up to her and showered her right away with friendliness and warmth.

Since that moment Bella and George had been a constant companion. Bella relies solely to George, keeping her crutches in the closet. Any where Bella goes, George is always at her side, moving to the pace that Bella is comfortable with. And George did not mind a bit and even enjoyed being with Bella all the time. They were like a perfect match met together. Bella has found not just a constant companion but a real best friend in George.


George and Bella’s friendship is one of a kind. According to studies, ( one of dog’s characteristics is that they can sense people’s emotion. That is perhaps the main reason why George has been very gentle to Bella. This dog knows that Bella needs her so much and needs his affection and warmth as well. To this Great Dane, George, you are indeed one great dog!

Watch the video of George and Bella’s friendship by clicking the video.