Tear-jerking Moment of a Husband’s First Time in Seeing His Wife and Son

     We normally take a lot of things for granted. A sample is our eyes, our vision. We see a lot of things, but there are times that we don’t pay much attention to all of the things that we see every day in our daily lives. Every morning when we wake up, we get to see the wonderful view outside of our windows but do we appreciate it?

     It’s such bliss that you can see your relatives and friends clearly. But there are some people who don’t. A Good example for that is Gene Purdie, he has a lot more struggle to face that no one can imagine.

     Gene Purdie suffers from Stargardt’s disease, the disease affects the retina and makes the central vision go blurry. At the age of 16-years-old Gene got diagnosed with Stargardt’s. He can only see the outlines of different objects right in front of him. He is not a totally blind person, but he’s considered as legally blind. He never saw his parent, his wife, neither his new born son’s angelic face. Basically, he lived his entire life in the shadows of blur.

     Gene accepted the fact that his world will never be the same and learned to live his entire life with his disease. In his darkest days, he met his wife Joy, and the two had a son named Lincoln. Somehow in some ways, his wife together with baby Lincoln brightens his everyday life.

     Surprisingly, Gene can still cook in the kitchen, and Joy says that Gene can whip up something in just 30 minutes as opposed to her taking two hours to make some dish! Well, that was interesting! Maybe Gene wants to do something in the house to help his family even when he was experiencing greatly impaired eyesight.

     It was just an ordinary day when Joy was watching the Rachael Ray show when she saw a guest getting fitted with a special pair of glasses. Her tears of joy run through her eyes at this incredible revelation and says this was “the most exciting day of my life.” She didn’t hesitate in writing a letter to the show to describe the story of her life and detailing Gene’s challenges as well as his disease.

     The show received her letter and contacted her back, then the family was brought on to the show to try out the special glasses for Gene. The family was invited on the stage with Rachael herself and a representative from eSight, Taylor West. He explains the technology and how it works.

“It uses a camera. It captures a video, runs it through a computer to make a bunch of different adjustments to every pixel of that image and then puts it on high definition screens. The resulting video is customized so that someone with low vision gets more out of the sight they have remaining and it should take them back to what we call typical eyesight.”

     Finally, when Gene wore the special glasses, the first thing he saw was his wife smiling at him. And guess what, two words came out of his mouth saying, “She’s pretty!” After Joy hears what Gene said, she immediately burst into tears while smiling and carrying baby Lincoln. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!

Take a good care of your eyesight! And watch the video clip below!