Talking Bird Playing Peekaboo Is The Cutest Thing In The Internet

Peekaboo! A game usually played by little babies. It is often one of the first games that babies learn to play. It is a repetition game, and since babies love repetition, they like to play it over and over again.

Cockatiels Peekaboo

And guess what? It is not just the babies who love to play this game but birds as well. Yes, you heard it right; birds love this repetition game called Peekaboo too.

A video of this cute bird playing the game has been a hit in the social media now. It has gone viral with almost 800 thousand views and 10 thousand shares. Different positive reactions and comments were also shown by netizens in Facebook with nearly 30 thousand. Wow! Such an amazing video clip to see. Credits to @squeakybeeper for sharing this video that has been tagged as the cutest in the internet now-a –days.

Cockatiels Peekaboo

Many said in their comments that the video brightened up their day; and that they couldn’t help but watch it over and over. And it is exactly true! As I watched it, I couldn’t help myself but to watch it repeatedly also. The bird was so cute it was covered by a hand and every time the hand was removed from its face, the bird would actively say “Peekaboo”. It was such a funny thing that I couldn’t help myself but to laugh out loud.

This bird is one of those smart talking birds that do not just mimic human’s voice but as well as follow the games that people, especially children, love to play perfectly.

According to science, birds have varying degrees of talking ability: some are able to mimic only few words or phrases, while some have been observed to have a vocabulary of almost 2,000 words. Some talking birds have been reported to have learned human speech by cultural transmission from ex captive birds they have integrated into the flock.

Cockatiels Peekaboo

Talking birds are very popular pets. In fact, there are number of comments in Facebook that says it is also time for their pets to teach the game. Wow! Can’t wait to see so many talking pets on the net doing peekaboo too. And pet owners like me, we really should teach them to do so because according to what I have read from “The Spruce Pets”, talking birds require a lot of socialization and need to interact with their owners regularly to avoid becoming bored or depressed.

“Talking birds are entertaining but require commitment from owners”

If we want to have pets, then we should give our full commitment to them, especially if the pet that we would like to have is a talking bird. Truly, it is so fun listening to them imitate what we say, but it doesn’t just end up there, because these creatures need some attention too.

For this famous bird playing peekaboo on the net, surely it gained all the attention that it deserve; and it has brought laughter in the internet world.

Watch the video to laugh out loud too.