Superdad Dances With 2-Year-Old Daughter to Ease Her Stage Fright

Children were lucky to have their parents. When someone gets in trouble or is having a bad day, parents usually saves the day. They lift up their children's self-esteem and encourages them to continue no matter what. Parents love and care for their children so much that they would do anything and everything for them. When we say everything, it means literally everything no matter what just to save their child. May it be just finding a sock or being stuck solving a difficult math problem, parents always do their best and saves the day. Just like what this Dad have done to his little ballerina on her dance recital.

Two year old Bella is Marc Daniel's adorable little ballerina. As proud as he is for his daughter, they went to witness her dance recital together with her sibling. At the stage, Bella was just standing still as the song, "Fly to Your Heart" by Selena Gomez, has started playing along. Her fellow ballet dancers have started dancing along the song while Bella was on the floor and was looking down without any plans on joining the group. Bella, as observed, had some serious stage fright and have started to be seen during her dress rehearsal for the dance recital. Little Bella was the joined by their student assistant and was hopeful she could bring Bella to stand and start dancing in able to join the group of ballerinas. But no, she was not successful in doing such task. And here comes Dad to save the day. With Bella's baby sibling on his right arm, he dances with Bella on stage. He spun around and lift his toes just like any ballerina would. He grabbed Bella's hand using his left hand and he started dancing. He seemed to know every move they were performing. They were too adorable dancing on stage and as you could see in the video, the audience agreed on them being cute performing the dance during the recital.

Daniel spun around to the beat and he seemed to know every step very well. Someone on stage tried to help him by handing a hand to grab his little baby on his right hand. But he refuse to let his baby go and continued to dance gracefully. He continued to dance with good posture together with his two children. At the end of the dance, he lead the dancers to the left and off the stage. But he suddenly came back afterwards seeing his little Bella who remained on stage and even started crying. Daniel grabbed Bella's hand to get her to the backstage. Everything was too cute that everyone laughed genuinely at every time Daniel spins around. With his two children, he did well on stage. This parent saved his children once again with no hesitations and purely with love, care and concern for them.
Daniel proved in the video that superheroes don't usually wear capes. Sometimes, they are the ones with baby on the right arm and another child on their left.