Students Honoring Soldiers Made Everyone's Heart Melt

Receiving honor is one of the most moving energies that keep us trailing the path we wanted without any struggles. It promotes peace of both mind and heart. Honor is like a firework that kept on firing inside the field of view of our consciousness uninterruptedly. It just makes us feel good!

So many forms of giving honor yet one of these would stand out and claim its place that nothing can replace, honoring our soldiers. They that gone body-tearing exercises and dealt with emotional problems alone as they are away from their families so to keep the country safe, us safe! They deserve so much respect.

Showing honor to someone knows no perfect place and time. It just flows from the hearts of the people united in one cause and that’s to show the honor they deserve receiving.
This kind of instance happened inside a plane.

Travelers on a plane, having been heard of an army private onboard with them who need to get off the plane first as he was escorting a fallen soldier of WWII couldn’t help themselves but paid a respect to the fallen.

After landing at Atlanta, a group of teenagers has let out such wonderful and elating form of giving honor to the soldier who had fallen and that was through a song. The respect these teenagers made had resounded inside the aircraft’s cabin. It was so powerful and heavenly at the same time. Though we can hear only the voices of these teens who are paying respect to the fallen soldier which were video captured by a passenger, their singing speaks aloud enough. Aloud that for sure made the passengers onboard moved by them.

video screenshot

video screenshot

Honor for the soldiers. The gesture like of what the teens made illustrates great respect to the fallen, to the army private escort, and to the soldiers in general.

It’s good to see an occurrence like this due to its rarity. Who would have thought that these teenagers of Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir will give such momentous rendition? Such action manifests that respect isn’t forced. It flows naturally from the ones who had felt the urgency to give honor.

To hear others giving respect and appreciation to our soldiers is just amazing. These men are worthy to get our high respect for their sacrifice. Aside from the compensation they’re getting in securing the nation’s safety by risking their lives, a respect from us, their fellow countrymen is a greater reward for what they’ve done.

Let us be inspired by those teens. It’s their will, the spirit of gratitude in their hearts that pushes them to fire up the honor. It’s seldom and quite a few are showing the things others need to see and hear.
If we know someone is worthy of an honor, waste no moment, give that to them. Let us be like those teens. They’ve just sparked the sense of giving back in us and that’s to award such reward to whom it is for.

Like them, nothing should hold us back from honoring the people we want to give honors. At the end of the day, it’s not just about giving honor but it is all about how open are we to give thanks to the people we owed thank yous.