Dancing Doctor Goes Viral with His Unique Moves, Making His Patients Happy

                Someone could be the superman of their lives.  You could be part of the Avengers of someone else’s life, or the wonder woman or could be the funny Mr. Bean, too. You name it, you define it, and you could be it. You can make someone else’s smile from you acts or make them frown if you have offended them. Whatever it may be, you could be something you have dreamed of before. Just believe and do whatever could help not just yourself but the community you live in. Just like this doctor who never fails in making his patients’ smiles.

                Meet Doctor Tony Adkins, a physician assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California. He works with the kids at the Neuroscience unit at the hospital. He lifts up the mood of his patients through music. He has this habit of putting an upbeat song and dances in the exam room to make his patients smile. He dances to the beat and that should to be one valid thing why the others are calling him ‘The Dancing Doc’ in the hospital. They don’t call him by his first name nor using his last name but only by Dancing Doc.

                Who could have thought that the moves he was making and the beat he was playing could start giving smiles to his patients? It is such a good thing to see right? This is real time sunshine despite one’s rain. And the rainbow could possibly the curves on the little children’s faces called smile. It all sounds and looks so sweet that could possibly makes someone draw a curve at their faces too. That smile is the sweetest and best thing in the world. Not just it merely cheers up one’s faces but others’ too. Despite the loneliness, sadness, pain and the uncertainty, all of them smiles. It was good to see. It always seems so at ease seeing them happy laughing at the dancing doc or because they were dancing by themselves or someone you knew.

                Doctor Tony Adkins is the smile giver, the bright sunshine in these little children’s pain. It’s good to see them smiling without forcing them to. He’s been doing his very best as a great father or provider and a great dancer I bet. Cheerful all day, this is how he gives off positive vibes to his patients. Where getting down and pain seems to be not existing in his own vocabulary.