This Seven-Year-Old Girl Uses Lemonade Stand To Raise Money for Friend with Cancer

 We've all met someone we could give up our whole life to, someone whose got a part in our lives here on earth.We got that someone we could pour everything we have just to make him or her happy. It doesn’t always have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend or your husband or wife; it could also mean your best friend whom your soul yearns for. This is what happened to this 7-year-old little girl named Sosie and the kind deed she did to her friend.

Sosie Dorman spent most of her life time at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital due to her autoimmune issue.  While she was at the hospital she met her new friend, Lilly. Lilly Johnson, a 3 year old girl, is at the same program as hers and is currently battling a rare bone cancer called, Ewing’s sarcoma. Sosie described her new friend as nice that she wanted to befriend her and so she did. They played and seemed to have fun while they were in the hospital. You can’t see any trouble within their acts or in their eyes. Seeing them smiling and laughing makes you think they seemed not to be in the hospital after all. It just all seems like they were off for some day out and not somewhere to treat the issues they got in their body.

Sosie had already planned out to sell some lemonade and save money for a pony. But after she met this sweet girl Lilly, she changed her mind. Her mother asked her, “What do you want to raise money for then?” and so she willingly answered, “I want to raise money for Lilly!” Sosie set up a lemonade stand at Highway 64 Galore. A big thanks to the fire department, law enforcement and community members, Sosie was able to raise a total of $550. But Sosie won’t just stop there. She will still continue to keep her lemonade stand and help another person in need.

Now, Lilly’s five years old and is still full of life while Sosie on the other hand is still wondering and deciding on who will she raise her money next. It’s not going to be for a pony but for another friend. Someone just paid for Sosie’s kind and loving heart and sent her a pony. This world truly needs more people like Sosie. Someone who will put her fellow men first instead of her wants.

This is Sosie’s Go Fund Me account, let’s help another person and save one’s life. In this we way, we are just not bringing someone’s smiles but lengthen miles. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

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