Rescued 4-Week-Old Puppy from Breeder is Now Happy and Loved by Her New Mom

     Little Nico, a German shepherd breed of dog who was only 4-week-old was saved from getting euthanized by his owner breeder. Why? It’s because Nico’s hind legs aren’t working properly. Thankfully, Nico was saved by a vet and was taken in by Perfect Imperfections from Watertown, Connecticut, US. they rescue and takes in dogs that have special needs.

     Nico stayed with Perfect Imperfections for 6 weeks. He recovered, and got therapies too. When Nico turned 10-week-old his new mom, April Addison has adopted him. April Addison shared to us what Nico has been through before he got rescued:

 “Hi! This little boy is such a trooper and such a gift. He was supposed to be euthanized at four weeks old from his breeder because his legs did not work. A rescue took him in and he was rescued by me at 10 weeks old. He has straight leg syndrome very rare in Shepherd’s. His back leg is permanently straight and he has bad hips, but you can never tell he is a love bug and keeps going.” – April Addison



What is SLS?

     According to LFAPD, SLS is short for Straight Leg (Legged) Syndrome. SLS is one of the common problems for puppies, like it is a deformity around their hind legs. The puppies that are born with SLS have a problem with their hind legs, meaning they are unable to bend their hind legs normally.

     The reason for it is still unknown, however researchers from the North Carolina State University has referred SLS as a condition that is a ‘Neurologic Mutation Deformity’, they say that is starts in the nervous system of the body.

     Sadly, the puppies that are affected with SLS have a restriction in the movement of their muscles. Their muscles are stiff, and they have deformities in the bones of their hips and hind legs. Thankfully, puppies can adapt well to this condition by performing rehab therapy. With the rehab therapy, puppies and specialists works together to build up the puppy’s balance and core strength which will eventually make them easy to stand on their own.

     Over the last few years, there had been reports that the German shepherd breeds are more prone to having SLS which used to be very rare for them to have before. 
What is Euthanasia?

     Euthanasia is the act of putting an animal to its death by withholding extreme medical measures. There are certain reasons for pet owners to go for euthanasia, and that includes having incurable and painful diseases, as well as lack of resources to continue for supporting the animal. - Wikipedia

     An Instagram account was made for Nico, which is managed by his Mom, April Addison. Do follow him on spreading awareness all around the world as Nico and April share that even if his hind legs that doesn’t work, he can still be a loveable, and playful little puppy! Do follow Nico on his Instagram account on: Nico the Special Needs SuperDog (@nico_the_greatgsd)

     Nico, is just one of those animals that has special needs. Instead of choosing to euthanize animals that have special needs, let us all love and appreciate their uniqueness. Let's all hope that there will be a lot more people like April Addison who would accept and adopt animals with special needs!

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