Puppy Learning How to Use the Stairs has the Best Teacher

Teaching is quite an exhausting task especially if you are teaching puppies. Yes you read it right puppies! Who said that only children need some teachers? Even our pets at home need teachers too, and they must be the best teachers or else it would end up the other way around. Wew!
The video of a man teaching his puppy how to use the stairs is just the best example of a puppy that happened to have the best teacher. Why is it? Well it is clearly seen from the video that the puppy did it perfectly! Wow! A big applause to this man who exerted much effort in teaching and helping his puppy goes down the stairs; and a big clap for his patience in doing so. Look how he motivated the dog, it indeed needs enormous patience. Teaching certainly requires great time and patience from the teacher.

Any one of us can be a teacher in our own little way too. Just like what the man did in the video, it was such a delightful and adorable scene to see this man crawling all the way from the top to the end of the stairs just to let his puppy follow what he did. Aren’t they cute to watch? And wow, isn’t the man lucky enough that at once, his puppy followed what he was doing and completed everything so perfectly?! Such a smart dog! What could be more perfect than having their video to go viral in the net?!

Indeed, video of these two creatures had spread in the social media sites like a flash. However, this had raised so many reactions from the netizens. Everyone had their own share of opinion, and they are entitled to it, after all, it is their right to express their thoughts. But, whatever these opinions are and wherever these came from, let us not take matters too seriously, instead, let us always look for the brighter side of things. For instance, this video is telling the whole world of how proud the owners are of what their beloved little doggie had achieved. Perhaps to them it is an achievement for the little pet; and they wanted to tell the whole world how smart their puppy is.

Why would they share this video to the whole world if they think it could bring harm to their little buddy? Right? Perhaps, they just wanted everyone to know that people’s pets can be taught also, as long as the teacher is willing to extend his patience; and most of all, as long as the teacher has the love for his pet. Besides, there was no harm that happened to the adorable doggie. In fact, the video was so cute to watch. Aren’t the dog so cute and the owner taking the video sounded very happy? It was a very heart-warming video for me. It inspired me to teach my cute doggie as well.  Who knows, the things we are teaching our pets right now could be of great help to us someday. After all, dogs will always be man’s best friend.


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