Nurse Checks on Baby's Heartbeat and the Scene Melted Everyone's Heart

                Check ups and clinics were two very common places we go to back when we were younger. As infants and toddlers, we used to feel scared and hysteric, throwing tantrums all over the place by crying out loud. Doctors and nurses might probably looks scary especially with the needle on their hand, they sure looks really scary. We do whatever we could just to miss the doctor’s appointment. We sleep to our heart’s content or cry out until our parents give up.

                But things have changed when I entered school. Classrooms seemed to be the most boring place ever. I would reluctantly wait until the bell rang and we all would get out as fast as we could and reach the canteen and enjoy every minute of bliss. And if not, we would act sick just to get out of those four corners. The clinic would then feel more comfortable as ever. And when you are real sick, you are allowed to sleep whenever you feel like it. Unlike the regular days when you have to stay awake as you could be or else the teacher might punish you for falling asleep in her class. Getting to the dentist would be equal to having a premium, like you get to have a lollipop after the check up. But being on check up or stuck in the clinic would make you feel happy all the time. There will be bad premiums too. You would then be told to avoid things like sweets, junk foods, or get to have more iron, calcium, iodine and so much more. You would then be allowed to stay up late or use the gadget for some time or the worst before, get to sleep early and more hours than before.

                What if I tell you that this baby in the video seemed to be enjoying it. He didn’t move even an inch when the nurse tried to listen to his heartbeat using a stethoscope. The cold and uncomfortable stethoscope never bothered him at all. It all looks like he got used to these types of checkups, while he actually and never had one except for this time. It was definitely his first and he looks like it was not. As the nurse was monitoring his heartbeat, he even leaned forward towards the nurse. The baby just adorably curls over with his body bending towards the nurse’s arm.

                Everything was just so cute, and he even smiled at the camera that was recording everything that time. He looks way comfortable with the stethoscope monitoring him and seems to be okay with whatever they were doing on him. Even though everything that is happening around him seemed to confuse him sometimes, he still appeared and seems to be okay after all. He seemed to understand that his dad only wants everything good for him and he accepts it gladly by enjoying every minute of it. We hope every baby would be just like how behave he was. Tantrums no more.