"NO NO NO!" Adorable Toddler Gets Angry at Her Dad and Picks a Fight With Him

     A toddler tends to be busy, messy, and lovable as well as having lots of energy. They like to explore and experiment on random things, and each experience teach them something new about the world that they live in. They are also vulnerable and can get hurt easily because they still have no idea what danger means.

     Every toddler is unique and will react to all situations in their own cute way. As they grow they tend to become much more independent – like they want to do things by themselves. Also, it’s very common for toddlers to test their limits as well as to throw tantrums every now and then.

     When a toddler tests you or when he/she is in a bad mood and throws a tantrum, it’s usually because they’re angry in something that happened to them. Sadly, since they can’t talk yet they can’t tell you why they were upset.

     They are not actually naughty on purpose. Frustration and anger are normal human feelings. Don’t be upset if you think that you failed as a parent because sometimes your toddler is just having some mood swings that we just can’t understand.

     There are times in which you can have a good time with your toddler even if he/she is experiencing bad moods or throwing tantrums, sometimes they just want attention but in a different way. Have a little laugh while watching the short video clip below.

     A toddler with a sassy attitude has a problem with her dad because her daddy is playing with her toy maracas. So she takes her toy and lectured her dad saying “No!” She took the musical instrument away from her dad, and placed them on the same couch where her dad was sitting and then she left the room. Since her daddy was having a good laugh he again took the maracas and began to play them once again.

     Repeatedly, the father grabs the maracas whenever she leaves the room, and she immediately storms back into the room each time she hears the sound of her maracas toy. When the angry little girl loses her patience to her annoying dad, she grabs the maracas and leaves the room together with it!

     Hopefully, her dad is going to learn his lesson after her sassy daughter teaches him a lesson. Bad daddy!

     Do you still remember when your dad or mom is playing with you? Did they also annoyed you when they do things you don’t want them to do? Try to reminisce those days when you’re still a toddler and try to resist to laugh at yourself and those precious moments!
The video was posted on YouTube and garnered almost ten million views! A very well-deserved number counts for a video of just pure cuteness.

     Just like teenagers, toddlers tend to be cute for a minute then weird on the next. It’s because they are rapidly growing and processing while learning new things every day. Surely it’s overwhelming to go from being swaddled and kissed 24/7 to being told not to climb here or jump off there.

     It’s funny to see a toddler such as the little girl on the video below, funny but fierce! Children are just bundles of cute beings that bring joy and happiness inside the house when they’re around. Whenever they finally fall asleep or when they give us the sweetest hugs and heartwarming kisses, our hearts are surely going to melt in an instant! We hope that this video brings a smile to your face!