Newly Awakened Baby Did This When He Got Hugged by His Mommy

     Is there a time in your life when you woke up and your mother is not at home? What did you felt that time? Did you felt sad and somewhat alone? It’s like something is missing, right? The feeling of your mom gone is making you anxious or uneasy, so you’ll end up asking other people in your house “Where is mom?”

     “Where is Mom?” the normal question that a father would normally hear at their home. Yes, ask your dad about it. Normally a child that just woke up is always and will be asking for their mother on where her whereabouts are.
     The bond between a mother and her child is on another level. It is associated with the 9 month pregnancy of the mother as well as the childbirth. There’s a physical and emotional factor in it that influenced the child and the mother’s bonding with each other. That’s why normally children become nervous or fearful whenever they separate from their mothers, and that’s what we call as separation anxiety disorder. - Wikipedia / WebMD

      Becoming anxious about being separated from a loved one is pretty normal especially to parents who stayed a lot with their children since the beginning. This disorder can eventually heal up as the child grows up. Of course there are times that you’ll eventually miss your parents when you decided to move out of your parents’ house, and that’s okay and pretty normal to everyone.

     The mother and child bonding strengthens over some time, it can take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to develop. Waking up and seeing your mother is one of the greatest things in the world especially for babies. And with the video that you’ll get to watch below, the baby named ‘Knox’ woke up and started to look for his mommy.

     When Knox was carried out towards his mommy, who was still asleep that time, he began to smile. His mommy shifted and hugged Knox in a motherly hug which brings him a lot more smiles. Knox loves his mommy a lot, so when his mommy hugged him he looked at her endearingly and smiled at her.

     When his mommy started giving him kisses he smiled at his dad who was capturing the heartwarming scene in front of him. Knox was making a face that “MOMMY LOVES ME! LOOK DADDY MOMMY KISSED ME!”

     You’ll definitely like the video below as it show how a pure and real love can be. Loving and caring for your child is one of the greatest memories that a baby could have. The love that both parents give to their child can be a learning material for babies as they grow up.

     A learning material for the baby that could eventually make the baby into a loving and caring child and more on as a grown up person. Parents are the role models of their child/children. They are the ones that the child would imitate as they grow up, and since Knox has good and lovable parents, Knox will surely be a lovable grown up too.