"My Eyes are Watering!" Says the Shocked Little Girl Whose Wish Was Granted By Her Mom

     We, as normal human beings have big dreams that we want to fulfill and goals that we want to achieve. A lot of us dreams of becoming rich, some just wants to have a lot of money, some wants to own their dream and expensive car that they’ve always wanted since a child, some wants to find the love of their life until forever, and some who wants to get married and have awesome kids. Though there are also those who simply wish to survive every day of their lives.
     A cute little 5-year-old girl named Bella Kaylor and her mom (who captured it) had a viral video over the social media sites. It was a video about Bella’s cute reaction when her mom told her that they will be going to see the Beauty and the Beast a day earlier. After hearing the good news, little Bella excitedly began to plan her outfit that she would wear. A lot of netizens watched Bella’s reaction video in which it even garnered up to 30 million views!

     A lot of people were talking happily about it and even shared the said video, as to which the producers of the NBC Show called Little Big Shots asked little Bella to come over to California to film her very own episode of Beauty and the Beast, it’s just that this time the title would be “Beauty and the Steve.” Since Steve is the host name, Steve Harvey.

     Bella got the chance to chat with Steve Harvey and talked about the story of the film “Beauty and the Beast,” they even get to dance and sing on stage which the viewer’s found cute and adorable.

When they sat on the couch, Steve started to worry that he need some help to get back up.

“This sofa’s not made for big men! I’m going to need some of them dancers to come back and help Mr. Harvey get out!

The audience inside to studio can’t stop laughing while they’re watching Steve and little Bella interact.

When Steve Harvey asked Bella who is her favorite Disney character is, she didn’t hesitate and instantly answered “Belle!”

“Why do you like Beauty and the Beast so much?” Steve asked Bella.

Bella frankly answered. “Because Belle teaches Beast a new lesson… Belle is nice on the inside, and she is pretty on the outside.”

     Then Steve asked Bella what is her favorite song from the movie “Beauty and the Beast?” She adorably answered ‘Tale as Old as Time’ and automatically sings it like it’s inside her brain for a while. And then Steve invited her to sing the song with him.

     As they sing together, the camera man caught the proud reaction of Bella’s parents. Her Dad’s reaction was so priceless and that he almost burst into tears. He just showed that he loves her daughter very much.

Little did she know that the production left her with more than one special surprise just for her!

“Guess what,” Bella said. “This was the best part. He let me keep the dress and the crown and the rose and the shoes.”

“It was really awesome because I got to see a lot of new people and I got to see Mr. Steve,” Bella said.

The funny thing was when she continued to talk and confessed to Mr. Steve about a little something…

“I did want to touch his mustache,” Bella said. “I didn’t know if it was real one or fake.”

The reaction video:

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