Mourning Father Gets a New Puppy after the Loss of 2 Beloved Dogs

Death is painful especially to the ones who were left behind. When someone who is very dear to you passed away, it is just hard to bear.  And saying goodbye to your long-loved pet dog is no exemption to this pain. Death of pets is equally hurting to death of people, especially if that pet is considered as your baby in the house.

It will surely melt your heart upon watching this father burst into tears upon knowing that he will have another dog pet to take care. This father has been heartbroken due to the loss of his two beloved dogs within three weeks of each other. And for his birthday, his daughter decided to give him a present that will surely bring joy to his heart – Lumo, a very lovable puppy! Every scene on the video was very emotional. From the moment the father read the card until he reached and hugged the puppy, all those moments can lead you to tears.

The father’s reaction in the video was very astonishing. For a man to cry, it is such a surprising thing to watch. It is just very clear that this father is very emotionally attached to his two dogs that passed away. I understand this father’s pain. Dogs are constant companions and they are loyal too. They never do bad things against you, instead they fight for you. Dogs are very sensitive creatures. They can feel your emotions. They can feel your pain, your happiness; and they too know how to react base on your emotions. Dogs are always man’s best friends. That is why many people cry over the death of a dog, even man.  Man crying over death doesn’t mean he is weak; but I say this man just learn how to love. He is in fact a brave person, for not hiding his emotions and for showing his great love to animals. He is truly an amazing person.

 Not all people can express such a real emotion.
But I know many can relate to this father’s emotion. Even I, myself, cried in tears upon watching the video. I, too, felt his pain. I did also loss my puppy several months ago and I cried my heart out over its loss. The pain was unexplainable. All you wanted to do was to cry to ease the pain. But every time the memories of you and your adorable puppy flash back, pain will also comes back. Just like what happened to this father, it is the memories that they had with Nemo and Lucy, his two dogs, that is keeping the pain. But, the daughter’s initiative to give his dad another dog will surely bring back the happiness to his life and ease the hurt and pain that he is feeling. For sure, with Lumo on his side, all the good memories with his two dogs will rekindle; his life will be brighter again. He may not forget the memories with his two dogs but I am pretty sure that memories with Lumo will add up to the good memories he already had with Nemo and Lucy.


  1. that's hard when you love someone like that and loose your little buddy. He will find happiness again just give it time my friend


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