Mother Can’t Walk For Wedding Dance, But Groom’s Find Ways To Make Her Dance Once More

                Weddings have been one of the important things in one’s life. We plan it out the best as we could. We hire people to work for that one special day. Everyone is going to be busy preparing for the big event just months before the big day. Everyone is busy deciding and preparing for the venue, to flowers, invitations, food to be prepared, cake, the date, documentation and for that beautiful dress. And it all boils down to that one day. That one day that shall unite two lovebirds. That one day that shall carve out a smile in everyone’s faces. That very special day that shall always be imprinted in one’s memory. That one day that will go on replay in your stories and flashbacks. That one day everyone has been busy preparing to.

                We wanted to look our very best on that very day. We wanted to be in our best suits, in our best dress, in our best shoes and in our best heels. We wanted to keep that smile from dawn until midnight. Who would never want to make their weddings memorable anyway? Some may choose to be wed in churches, some in beaches and some just simply in a chapel with their family. Some wanted to share it with a big crowd and some just wanted it in private.

                We usually got traditions in weddings; we got some program we could get ourselves busy with. And who else would ever want to miss the dances? Not me. It always got something that left a mark in our memories, especially to the lovely couples. But the video below shows you another type of dance that surely will melt your heart. It’s the complicated dance between Luke and his mother. His mother was diagnosed with ALS or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. She can’t walk and must use a wheelchair to help her move around. This wedding marks to be that important to his family too. The wheelchair and ALS never stopped him to share this wonderful moment with his mother.

                Luke kneeled down and share the moment with his mom. They danced together to the song by Mariah Carey, ‘Hero’. And everyone was in tears with such a heart warming dance by the groom and his mom. They smiled and laughed while they were dancing. His mom looks like she really did enjoy the dance and even brought her to tears, and everyone in the room seemed to need a handkerchief too. Precious moments like this are just so good to be shared with.

Every moment spent on the dance floor warmed everyone’s heart and melted to the lovely dance. Luke managed to keep his mom smiling on the dance and throughout his wedding day. What more to make the day extra special and memorable not just for him or his mother but also for everyone.