Mom’s Heart Touched When She Sees Her Daughter’s Touching Bedtime Ritual On Baby Monitor

Waking up with the sun and setting with it feels good. We all wake up with a smile or even with a sound of an alarm clock and starts with our daily routine. The things we're used to makes it hard for us once we miss something in our daily routine. One would certainly look for it or makes way just to accomplish it. Same goes to the children. That's why we practice them to pray before meals, do the household chores, get ready for church on sundays and be polite and respectful always. These things are taught at home and them getting used to it makes it easier for them to apply it in their daily lives. But what if a two year old baby is doing the usual routine without being told to?

The video below shows little dear Sutton, a two year old baby girl, caught on camera that very night doing some ritual before she falls asleep. While you might not believe it, she did recognize something essential before she sleeps. Kathryn and her husband were out that evening and got home late. Normally on regular days, before they tuck little Sutton to bed, the three will together pray and thanked God for everything every day. But this time, they were too tired that they only put their little girl to sleep that night. In their surprise as they watch the baby monitor, Sutton never went to sleep not unless she says a prayer. She looks adorable while thanking God for everything. She sounds so cute as she thanked God for her parents, for someone named Robert, for the animal or probably the toy she named Duckie and surprise, she even thank God for her favorite character, Santa Claus.

Sutton shows us that everything we do matters to these little babies. It might be unbelievable but this video and Sutton herself, serves as living proof that good values, routines or traditions should be taught to children no matter how early it might seem. They mimic everything we teach them, and that serves as a good way for us to teach them good manners and good moral as well. One should nurture her child not just with good and healthy foods but also with goodness in her heart.Our tradition, words, acts, thoughts and even things that stays so important to us always will be significant when we grow up. Building the person we will become someday. Who we are and what we become someday shall be built by these things we do today, by these things that seems to be significant and valuable for us today.

Nothing is too early to be taught. The little two year old Sutton have made it, and for sure we could teach our children too. This will be not just for them but also for the upcoming generations. Is it not adorable seeing such little cute being do things by herself alone? It is just so amazing seeing her and knowing she knows what's essential to do in her daily life.