Mommy Wanted to Sleep but Her Baby had Wicked Plans

     Everyone needs to sleep mainly because we need to have our body rested well so that we can do a lot more when we wake up. Sleep is basically a body’s necessity to re-energize your body as well as to heal your tired mind from what has been happening to you for the past day. But what if there’s someone that would try to wake you up every now and then?

     Being a full time mother to a child, may it be a baby, toddler, teenager, or even a grown up, is one of the hardest but most fulfilling work ever in a mothers’ life. Mothers need to have an everyday schedule to follow like waking up early to prepare breakfast, cleaning the whole house and outside, washing dishes, taking care of the children, etc. Basically, they are the ones who are responsible in everything that is house related.

     But, what if there’s a baby in the house? When there’s a baby in the house, the mom’s schedule will surely be in a mess. Why? It’s because, everything is going to be hectic. The supposed to be schedule will get messy. For example, the baby cried while the mom was cleaning the house. Since the mom heard her baby cry, she had to stop whatever she was doing (which was cleaning) so that she could attend to her baby and do whatever she had to do (like changing wet diapers, or feeding the baby).

     There are a lot of sacrifices for all the mothers out there, especially for first time moms. Some women tend to neglect their selves in order to fulfill their job as a mother, but there are some (who had become experts) that can do 2 to 3 things at the same time.

     Aside from taking care of the babies, there are times that mothers tend to do something fun as a bonding with their babies or children. They buy matching outfits and wear them whenever they go outside, in which they would get compliments on how cute the mom and baby were. Some even post it on their social media accounts to let their friends and relatives see how they are having fun while their outfits.

     However, it is also important to always remember that there are good and bad parts on social media. Like the good and the bad compliments that are commented on the posts. Anyways, it’s always the good parts or the highlights of their lives that are posted over the social media sites so most comments receive good compliments.

      We all know that a mother’s life could be a bit exhausting when there’s too much to do in the house. It is challenging, but it’s all worth it after seeing those beautiful smiles from your children. You might have a lack of sleep from your baby crying, but hearing them giggle will definitely send your fatigue away from you.

     Like the mom in the video that you’ll get to watch below, she too knows the struggle of taking care of her child. She wants to sleep, but since her baby is awake she decided to take a video while pretending that she’s asleep. Most babies don’t cooperate at all whenever their parents would want to rest a bit. They’ll do something that will surely make you wide awake, and this mommy and baby combo below will surely send you laughing your hearts out!

Smart isn't she?