Mom Captures Footage How Dad Watches Kid That’s Lighting Up The Internet

Parenting has always been one of the hardest jobs in the world. Some people were even too afraid of being a parent that some backs out and some give up their children for adoption. Some failed on providing them what they need that some children have to provide for themselves. In a family, stereotyping has always been seen and observed. And often times, mothers are the ones who take the credit of being a good parent. Are the fathers great enough in taking their young ones too? Let’s see what happens with this father who was left to watch his daughters at home.

To let Grandma know what her granddaughters are up to, Rugeana decided to capture through a camera everything and save the footage of her young girls so that grandma could watch over them and know what these girls are up. The camera was not set to spy on her husband and to test his capabilities as a father but just merely to take footage of her young daughters. But what left her amazed was about what happened when she was out and the two were out to play with their new watcher, daddy. The little baby was happily jumping to and fro in her baby bouncer which was closer to where the camera was set while their older daughter was busy playing pompoms and facing the television where a song “E.T. by Katy Perry” was playing.

Daddy got a little curious and set the box he was holding down and went into the room for a moment. The rest of the scenes that happened had just been so adorable enough that leaves you with tears from laughing. Without a second though, father started lip syncing to the song and was showing off his best crazy dancing moves to her daughter. His daughter definitely got too excited on what’s happening and was amazed by her dad and was left with a smile on her face. She danced together with her dad while the song was playing. Minutes later, the older daughter passed her pompoms to her dad. And at this point, everything went out to be like the cutest video I have ever seen with a dad and his daughter. Such a video filled with positive vibes that would surely lift one’s mood.

Who said again that they don’t get to be the greatest father and watcher as the same time? This dad proves they are also good in babysitting. His daughters did surely enjoy their company being with him that very day. With her dad’s crazy moves, Katy Perry’s song, E.T., just have to be a hit that the family could play on repeat at their house. This video can get you up smiling and laughing and appreciate how fathers can provide things and all his daughter needed that some parent failed to do.

This video only shows that fathers should never be treated as left out in the society of parenting for they too can be great parents than others. Never hold back a father’s worth.