Mischievous Boxer Dog Winston Decides to Have Some Fun by Making His House a Waterpark

Dogs have apparently been man’s best friend. They could be cuddly and aggressive at the same time. They are always there for you, through your bad day and even in the best ones. They probably got some sensors telling them if you’ve gotten into the worst day ever, they’ll surely come and rescue you and make you feel important. Dogs have been one of the best pets to take care of. They can be fun and bubbly that will surely melt your stress away. They could be curious and playful, too. A bad day won’t last long once you’ve got them all along. But what if the situation gets you in the other way around? What if your dogs get you in a bad day? This video about Winston, a white boxer, will surely get you either on a bad mood or keep your smile on how far he went on being bad.

This white boxer, Winston, can be described as energetic and mischievous. He has always been playful and curious at the same time, all day round. And have we mentioned he got an eye for hoses and sprinklers too. Here started the stunt that made the owners made a face palm for a while.

The hot day might have probably got him a little warmer than before that he started playing with the water hose outside the house. He was all giddy and went inside the house together with the water hose at his mouth. With the security camera inside the house, the owner, Roxy Dinkel, was just watching at Winston over the screen. His performance can be clearly seen in the camera. From dragging it inside the house, and dragging it over the corner of the dining room. Another dog can be seen minutes later and was just watching over Winston, but then walked away without any hesitation. He probably doesn’t want to get into Winston’s trouble, soaking the house using a water hose.

It took about 10 minutes for Winston to soak the house. After dragging the hose in the corner of the dining room, he also pulled the hose into the cozy living room. The white boxer did truly have a great time. He tried to pull it farther but the hose got into its length limit and so he just stopped by at the carpet and started playing with the water hose again. He got the carpet all wet with the hose and continued playing with it. He left the hose in the living room and went outside for some time then get back inside the house again. He sure had lots of fun with his toy. He went back outside again and after another three minutes went back inside the hose and this time, he grabbed the hose by his mouth and pulled it outside the house.

If you were the owner, what would you do? Would you still love this little rascal just the same way as before? Winston’s owners should have really loved him despite his little badass stunt.