'Miracle Boy' Awakes From Coma As Parents Prepare To Donate His Organs

Trenton Mckinley was rushed to the hospital because of the accident that happened to him. Trenton and his friends were playing dune and buggies on weekend and he got flipped over onto a concrete. The accident resulted to fractures on his skull and he suffered severe head trauma. The doctors found him brain dead and he was given two hours to live.

Two hours, that is 120 minutes that Trenton’s parents are going to be spending with their most treasured and nurtured son. It is a tough time for his parents, wanting more time to make every moment worth while their beloved still lives and seeing him dying at the same time unable to express words of love and goodbyes.

The situation felt hopeless as doctors have given only two hours for the brain dead person to live. Acceptance is the only way here to mend the hearts that have been broken from the presented reality that is going to come. Acceptance will help you to think of things, things that in the end are going to result as a win rather than lose. But there’s other option to keep him alive longer and that is to preserve his organ and eventually go for donation.

Trenton’s organs were preserved for donation, in this way as well got his life longer from 2 hours to a few more days. The decision of Trenton’s parents about donating his organs show bravery and hope in the middle of weakness and hopelessness. Hope that in the process of preserving their son’s organs, a wonderful thing would happen.
The said donation kind of felt like, before their son may go pass this life and everything turns useless, he’s able to give the assistance to the others in need. Such a decision from Trenton’s parents should be admired greatly.

Trenton is still brain dead a day before the donation of his organs. Tests were administered to him and the brain wave test in finality to finally let him go is yet to be carried out until a situation where most of us prayed and asked to happen in times like of this happened. A miracle came about to the lives of Trenton and his family. Trenton’s vitals came back!

Despite being brain dead and preserving his organs was the way his life be prolonged, such a spike in his vitals is a miracle indeed!
Miracle, we ask and wait for it to show in our lives. In hopelessness, a miracle is one of the last options we can ever think of. It’s the last thing we could invest our last fainting hopes onto. It is like a bridge that connects to new hopes. If a miracle does not happen, hopes will die and sorrows will commence.

Right after then, day by day Trenton is claiming his life back. He was able to walk, talk, and do math! Truly, Trenton is the solid evidence that miracle happens.

Trenton’s life won’t be easy after the accident. It would be a great challenge for him every day because recovering from such a tragedy isn’t going to be simple. There is still one more surgery he’s going to go through. What’s more important is that Trenton Mckinley, from brain-dead status, was able to get back the life he was about to lose and blessed enough because miracle had favored him. God had brought back Trenton’s life.