Man With Down Syndrome Covers Dad With Kisses In Heartwarming Airport Reunion

Love is something that you give. But how can you give if you have not been loved?

There are so many definitions of love. Love shown between couples; love felt between friends and peers; and love between families. But, the most wonderful form of love is pure love.

Cobrink Family via Facebook

The video shown depicts a great love between family members, but what is so special about that love is that, it is pure love – no pretentions, no expectations, just pure and genuine love for a father to his son and a son to his father.

The video shared by the sister of Matt Cobrink, the son, who has a Down Syndrome, was so heartwarming that everyone who watched this was overwhelmed with joy.  It is so inspiring knowing that the son’s actions to his father were so real. Who could expect an act like this? But his sister, Macy, who took and shared the video, knew that after Matt was away from his father for five days, they will end up for an immense touching reunion. Her expectation was met.

Matt’s expression of pure love to his father is an act of giving back the love that he received. Matt and his father, Malcolm Cobrink, are so closely attached to each other. Matt has lived with his father for his entire life and the two have a precious bond that cannot be broken; a bond that is a product of so many years of trust, respect and loving guidance.

Truly, a person cannot give love if he has not experienced being loved. It is not hard to show some affection to everyone. No matter who and what a person is, that person deserves to love and be loved; thus, it is so great to feel the pure love. However, at this time of age, when there are so many pretentions and hypocrites, when one couldn’t differentiate true from lies, pure love is hard to find.

At present, everyone is so hooked by the modern world and forgot the essence of our existence in this earth, and that is to love. Mostly, young ones mistook love for material things. Some thought that having overflowing resources is a form of having so much love; and the simple gestures of love like showing respect and spending quality time with family is forgotten. Now-a-days, many forgot the reality that an act of love is not difficult to do; by making a person happy is an example of such.

Beyond doubt, what Macy shared to everyone is an eye opener that love is not difficult to share. If Matt can do it, all of us can also do it. If a father like Malcolm can show pure love to his son, we can also do it. Showing our care and love to everyone is not a tough task to do, and people with Down Syndrome is not an exception to this love. They also deserve true love. After all, they are so lovable. And they are capable of showing love too.  What you showed to them, they will give it back to you with pure and genuine affection. I hope that everyone who will read this and saw the video will be inspired to love again. Let us not suppress love, let us share it and be loved in return.