Man Struggled Catching His Naughty Rabbit. Neighbor Recorded the Funny Incident

Pretty sure that most of us have experienced unforgettable moments with our pets. From scattered poops, scattered garbage or from the muddy footprints they had left, name it, they all mischievously did it. But we are always guilty of forgiving them easily when they just show their cute little puffy eyes while slowly walking toward us. We just can’t resist their cuteness, right? Even though they are naughty most of the time, their loyalty and love for us is incomparable.

A woman caught on video what the neighbor’s pet rabbit did to his owner hilariously. Her neighbor built a fence-in area to surround his black furry rabbit.He is holding a box and wearing no shoes. He is about to go down and ready to make a move to catch his naughty black rabbit.

The man slowly moves towards the rabbit, making it not feel nervous but the rabbit still wants to escape from him. It runs from left to right and circles around the man who desperately wants to catch him. The woman recording the moment, is giggling and then she bursts into laugh as the man around in circles too.

Just as he thinks he has boxed the furry naughty rabbit, it leaps out and continues to run. The man is already irritated so he drops his box, sits down and keeps on getting closer to grabbing the funny little rabbit. The woman behind the video has been laughing so hard.

Finally, the man catches his rabbit while grabbing it annoyingly.
You’re the man neighbor! You must be exhausted catching your naughty black rabbit. Phew!

They will always be naughty and nice because they are animals. Some animals need to be taken care of properly. They need to be trained and nurtured. Even if they do not have the level of intelligence like humans, they have the capacity to love and reciprocate the love we give to them.

The man has shown his determination not to give up on his naughty little rabbit even though he is so irritated and mad. Instead he keeps on pushing his strength that at any moment he knows he is going to capture his little black rabbit.

Just like the man in the video, we get into situations where we get mad, disappointed and almost make us give up. These situations hurt us but also teach us. It teaches us to become braver and wiser. So the next time we get into trouble or problems, we already know how to deal with it because we already learned from it and we do not want to repeat our mistakes.

 Life will always be full of challenges just like the man in the video. He was challenged by his cutie black rabbit but with determination, he was able to get what he wanted. Just like in life that is full of challenges, we need to face it and never give up so we may be able to achieve the things we want in life.


  1. Except for the shaking of the rabbit in anger at the end, this was actually funny. Till I saw the end, that is...

    1. Oh come off the peta trip he idnt hurt him at all. Rabbits will chew their own leg off if they feel it will save them.

  2. Yeah I don't think he actually shook it. More like grabbed it firmly while still in motion. I'd be saying something to that rabbit if it were me trying to catch it. Also notice how bunny lays down on its back once he's caught it. Bunny must trust his owner if he was laying like that so calmy

  3. lmao very funny .. That wasn't a nasty shake at all .. it was more of a not look here bunny ..It would not of harmed one little bit ..

  4. I'd be outta breath. Naighty Rabbit!!

  5. So whoever UNKNOWN is, you think hes being shaken? And PITA?? Come on now!. He didn't shake it. I think if this guy was an abuser he wouldn't have built a big enclosed area for it to run around and he may have been frustrated, he wasn't to frustrated to lay him hon his back and pet it. Now if he kicked it, then Im with you. This page is called Inspirationally and highly doubt they would post this is they thought it was abuse.


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