Man Proposed to His Girlfriend for A Whole Year Without Her Knowing About It!

     What would you feel if your partner proposed to you every single day for a whole year, without you even knowing it? It might sound weird to you right now, but after you watch the video below, you’ll surely understand how this man proposed to his girlfriend for a whole year without her knowing about it!

     Marriage proposals can be quite tricky for all the men out there. Why? Because a Man should think of a special way of how they could surprise their special person for their marriage proposal. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it has to be meaningful. They have to think of the right day and timing.

Here’s a sample:
A couple has been in a relationship for almost 10 years, and their anniversary is going to be 2 months from now. The man decided to propose to his longtime partner by thinking that he should set his proposal on their anniversary day, so that the day of their 10-year anniversary will have another meaning. So he has set his day already, now he has to plan on what he should do to surprise his special person. Now he has 2 months to prepare everything, and that he should carry out his surprise on that special day.

     In that example above, the man has 2 months to prepare for his marriage proposal. He has a set date on when he will carry out his plans to surprise his special person. Marriage proposals can be different and unique, you don’t need to follow the viral proposals on social media sites. Sure, those viral proposals can be quite fun to copy, but there would be no originality to your proposal.

     Anyways let’s focus on the man, named Dean Smith, on the video that you’ll get to watch below as he will surely amaze you on how he proposed every single day for a whole year to his girlfriend without her even knowing about it! He spent 365 days proposing with the use of a white board marker!

     The man wrote different things every single day like, Will you marry me, Jen? Or I love you more than anything, Jen! Along with the dates of when he wrote the letters on his white board. He took a video of himself with the signs of asking Jennifer to marry him.
     Jennifer once saw him walked towards the bathroom with a white board and thought that it was the strangest thing he did, so she asked him “What is the white board for?” So Dean replied that “I just want to write my thoughts sometimes.”

     On the interview, he said “Even through the good times and the bad times, I’ll be staying dedicated to her (Jennifer).” He planned everything and showed the video to Jen on her birthday, and voila! That’s when he proposed. For a span of 13 minutes Jen cried as she watched the whole year video of him proposing to her.

“It was the most thoughtful thing that he could do for me and he did it 365 times!” - Jennifer

Oh such love! Make sure to watch both the “365 Day Proposal” Video and their interview from Inside Edition below!