Man Left His Car Keys Inside the Locked Car with His Toddler

     Have you ever experienced or saw a video in which a parent or guardian has locked a car with the car keys inside the car? What’s worse is that on that same car, there is a little child inside too. If you haven’t experienced it then you’re a responsible parent.

     What would you feel if you accidentally leave your car keys inside the car together with your child? You’ll probably panic, since it’s a super nerve wracking moment in your life. Actually, these incidents happen more often than people think about, and yes it’s too much to bare if someone dies just because of a forgetful parent who lacks awareness of their surroundings.

     Most parents think that it would be a pretty rare incident to accidentally lock your child in a car. Well, they were totally wrong about it. Bad luck can just poke you right away and things might not go as how you planned it.

     In an investigative report, heartbreaking and preventable deaths can happen when a child or children are left alone inside the hot cars every summer. More than 600 children in the U.S. have died that from it since the year 1990. These records are according to the non-profit safety group called Kids and Cars.

     Heat strokes may occur when a child’s body temperature passes over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With that temperature it can overwhelm a person’s brain temperature control, which will cause symptoms such as dizziness, seizure and death. What more if it would happen to a child?

     The footage that you will get to watch below is from a Turkish news outlet named DHA. A man accidentally left his key inside the car with his toddler! As you can see in the video, the troublesome parent looks like he was physically present but surely he’s mentally absent as he left his car keys inside the car together with his poor child.

     Everyone who passed by from their car started to panic while the others were trying their best to talk to the young man inside the car. Even if some of us can’t understand their language, we can actually understand that those man near the window were trying to teach the kid on how he can unlock the car using the keys’ unlock feature. This kid is actually a bright one for we can see that he knows how to use the car keys just by holding it. He understood those who are teaching him on what he should do.

     The young man tries to press each button on the key until he surprisingly pressed the unlock feature. Then after the car was unlocked, his father rapidly opened the door and hugged his son tightly. We can also hear the cheers and applause of those people who were panicking before.

     Felt the little tension while watching the footage above? May this video be able to help to educate parents and guardians to be attentive at all times especially when you’re together with your kids. Just a little advice for you guys – Keep your keys with you at all time and never give your children the keys to play with in the car to avoid such things to happen.

     Although this incident is difficult, always remember to not panic. It could cloud your judgment and you will have a difficult time making the right decisions. It is also best if your child stays calm so the situation does not turn into a traumatic experience for them. You’re just like a role model for your kid, if they see that you are calm, they are more likely to remain calm themselves.

     And for those who experienced this incident before, please be careful. And PLEASE, just don’t do it again.

    Below is another video in which the toddler locked himself inside the car.