Lydia Sings to her Little Brother with Down Syndrome; It's an Adorable Scene to Watch

A sibling's love is incomparable. A person can do anything because of her love to her sister or brother. While other siblings don't get along that much ,there are others who instantly bond together; a mere singing of simple songs together will just do.

For so many instances, music has always brought two different people together, even families, music can bring them all together. After all, music is a language of love.

While the two siblings' mother was in the shower, she left Bo, a 25-month old cute little boy to his older sister Lydia. And her mom was so pleased that these two get along so well singing  the song "You are my Sunshine" together.

According to their mom, Bo, who has a down syndrome, has 12 words vocabulary; and all the words he learned came from music and singing.
Truly music has great influence to everyone and that includes Bo.

Watching the video will surely soften your hearts. You will be moved by how Bo tried to cope with his sister's singing; and isn't he so adorable while singing?

Bo was so amazing that he knows what word will come next. His sister with such a sweet voice portrays a very good and responsible older sister showing everyone that she can take care of her younger brother so well. With the use of her guitar, then everything went on so smoothly. These two just showed that they really do bond often and can get along so well. This shows that a sister's love is truly immeasurable.

The song "You are my Sunshine" has played a great role in their lives. According to Amanda and Caleb, the kids' parents, they sang it to Bo while he was recovering from his heart surgery, and it has become their theme song. No wonder Bo was so familiar with the song and can sing along with her sister. That song was surely a memorable song for the family especially to Bo.

Music really influences so many lives. A song always has a story to tell. Every lyric in the song has its own tale. And every person, every family that is touched by a song has contributed to the story behind the music.

And for this sister and brother tandem, singing the song together tells it all. Their music comes from their hearts and that is why it radiated love to everyone; that everyone who watched the video will feel the love of a sister and family that is overflowing.

Everyone is capable to live and be loved. Music is an expression of love. So let us use music to express our love to someone, just like Lydia to Bo. Love was not impossible to them. They have their music with them that always brighten up their day and always bring their family so close to each other.

Watch Bo and Lydia's video to see and hear their wonderful music of love.


  1. amazin how music can unlock the depths of the heart to heal pain comfort the soul and to share love to the listeners.


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