Little Sophie’s Reaction of Meeting her Great Grandma Filled the Room with Tears

Seeing your great grandmother is a rare opportunity. Not all young children will have a chance to see their great grandmother. Little girl Sophie is fortunate to be able to see and meet her great grandma.

But mom and dad are nervous about the meeting of these two loved ones. They were worried on how Sophie would react to see a very old lady. But, little girl’s reaction got everyone in surprise.

Sophie did not feel awkward nor frightened by great grandma, instead she climbed up on great grandma’s bed and stroked her face. It was a very touching moment and everyone was close to tears with the scene. But, what is more emotional is when this sweet little girl sings “You are my Sunshine” to her great granny. Sophie’s parents couldn’t hold their emotions anymore, tears of gratefulness and happiness rolled on their cheeks. They were so astonished and so thankful that their little girl has grown to be a kind girl.

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

Sophie felt that her grand nanny needs lots of comforting. Aside from being so old, Great grandma is also suffering from Dementia.

Dementia, according to many definitions, is not a specific disease. It is an overall term that describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. It is caused by physical changes in the brain.

A person with dementia will follow a fairly typical pattern of decline, although the pace at which this occurs vary. For example great grandma may initially experience difficulties remembering new information like names, events or recent conversations. Sophia’s act of kindness may not be remembered by great granny but it will always be remembered in the hearts of everyone who captured the moment and who knows perhaps in great granny hearts. This may sound so cliché but let us not forget that what is not remembered by the mind is maybe remembered by the heart.

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

People with dementia often show confusion and disorientation but to this great grandma, you cannot see it on her face. Instead, great grandma radiated the feeling of love throughout the room.

What Sophia did changed this old lady’s emotion. It felt that she suddenly had no dementia and just enjoy the moment. It seems like the song Sophia sang had brought magic to everyone.

 Though the parents were nervous to introduce their little girl to great granny but I think it was a right decision. They did not just give their child the opportunity to meet her great granny but they gave her and everyone who saw the emotional scenario a very heart-warming moment that will be cherished always. At least even at the last chapter of great granny’s life, there is still happiness in her heart.

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