Little Girl’s World Crashes Around Her When She Learns She’s Not Invited To Royal Wedding

Who wouldn’t want to be invited to a wedding? It is the joyous moment of two families sharing the love for each other. The day when two persons are finally taking a leap towards making the commitment of holding one another until their life ends. Isn’t it awesome to witness such an event?

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But how about you’re too excited to attend a wedding because you are looking forward to it and found out that you’ve got no invitation to the event? That would be sad and causes you to ache.

Everyone is talking about the wedding, the whole world I guess. It’s no ordinary wedding that the followers of this most talked about couple is going to witness. Everyone is waiting for the wedding date and hoping to see the event before their very eyes. It’s the Royal Wedding!
Who would not want to be part of the historic wedding? All of us would agree that witnessing such an extraordinary wedding would give pride to ourselves. It would be the best memory of our lifetimes that we won’t forget.

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Photo: Facebook

We want that chance to be part of the Royal Wedding and so Lola too. Lola was ready to pick up her dress as she was looking forward to Megan Markle’s wedding. Lola thought that she will be attending the said wedding. The way she approached her mom, Ashlee, regarding her dress for Megan’s wedding, we cannot hear any hesitations from her voice.

“You have to be invited to go to the Royal Wedding you just can’t go because you want to, you have to be invited,” Ashlee told Lola. The little girl who has not got the facts straightly to her head yet continues to express her thoughts. Until her mom said that she did not get an invitation to the wedding. The words from Ashlee seem to whirl the truths that have been fixated in the mind of the girl regarding her attendance to Megan’s wedding. “But you didn’t get an invitation, love,” hearing this made Lola turn away her face from her mom trying to think what that means.

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The disappointment was visible from Lola’s face as she was processing her mom’s statements. As her mom explains the reality of the wedding that it is only for the Royals, Lola had not lowered her perceived thoughts that she’s going. She even asked her mom if she was joking at her. Later on, as mom was asking her that why did she think she’s going to the wedding? Lola, who was looking forward to attending the wedding as she misunderstood about the tea party that mom had told her, begin to get sad as she’s asking her mom if she’s going. The little girl then begins to pour out her emotions into tears. Ashlee felt Lola’s sadness. She kissed Lola to relief her broken heart brought about by the truth that she can’t go.
Ashlee started to present further truth that then collided with the truth that Lola has and it began to transition her hopes about the wedding and her thought of going.

After the tears Lola shed, she began to calm herself with a realization in mind that probably Megan doesn’t know her. The little girl then becomes okay with the explanation she and her mom had come up regarding why she did not get invited to the wedding.