Little Girl’s First Ride to the Roller Coaster. Funny Reaction Captured by Mom

How many fiestas or carnivals have you been to? Surely you had so much fun when you were still a kid. Have you tried the different roller coasters? How about the House of Horror? It would have been fun and unforgettable if someone has recorded your face reactions when you are on those places.

If you could still remember how the roller coasters give you goose bumps and stomach upsets, bet you could relate how this beautiful 5-year-old little girl gets her first goose bumps when she first rides the Pendomonium.

Her mother, Clarissa Garza, took her 5-year-old beautiful little girl, Brielle to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. As any other kid, going to a fun and exciting place, she was very excited to get on to the different rides. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at the big rides. She could not contain her excitement. So her mother and father took her to the Pendomonium Ride which is a type of roller coaster since Brielle could not take other big rides because of her height. She was allowed to take the ride as long as she would be accompanied by a parent. Luckily, both her mom and dad were excited as much as her so they took her on her first ride.

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As the happy family readily buckled up on their seats, beautiful Brielle could not take away her smile as she could not explain how happy and excited she was. The ride then started to move up and down. At first, her smile was there for a moment and then it was replaced into shocked and scared reactions. Her face went terrified as if she wanted to stop the ride and maybe had wished she never ride the roller coaster. She was totally blown away by the mind-blowing ride.

via: YouTube screenshot

via: YouTube screenshot

Her mother was recording the whole scene while cheering up and comforting her beautiful daughter while they were taking the whole ride. You could hear her saying “I got you. I got you. Don’t worry.” Though she was laughing and got overwhelmed by the experience, she was still comforting her child by saying “It’s okay. Just breathe. It’s okay.” Assuring her child that everything was going to be fine and she needed not to worry. She was still so sweet while cheering and comforting her up.

via: YouTube screenshot

A family bonding is very important to us especially to young children like Brielle who are looking and observing everything that surrounds them. It helps them to know how to perceive and face life as they grow up. It affects by giving them a positive attitude towards other people and as they live with their own lives with their future family. It is always great to have a fun experience with a family that will forever stays in a kid’s memory.

One way of having a family bonding is by going to a family trip or by visiting a fiesta or carnival. You can find a lot of rides that will surely give fun and excitement. Just be sure that kids will always be accompanied by an adult or a parent when taking such overwhelming rides. Since technology is now constantly abundant, be sure to capture these unforgettable memories just like this cute mother and daughter tandem, Clarissa and Brielle who never missed the chance to capture their funny moments together. Lastly, be extra careful while taking the rides. Safety first before anything else and then have fun and enjoy!

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