Little Boy has Paralyzed Vocal Chords; saying “Mommy” for the First Time Makes Everyone Smile

Every day, we should be thankful for everything that we have. If you can see clearly with your own two eyes, hear clearly with your two ears, smell with your nose, taste with your tongue,  touch, hold, walk,  speak, then, be thankful.  It is certainly difficult to imagine what life would be like if one of those senses will suddenly be taken away. But, let us admit the reality that there are really people who have no sense of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or even speaking. There are those who cannot walk or cannot touch. But though they are not complete, most of these people are still optimistic with life and face each challenges with full of hope and optimism.

Photo: Youtube

In this present age of high technology, everything becomes reachable. It has allowed some of those people to get back something that they thought were already lost forever. For instance, five-year-old Judah Bittner was not able to speak because of his paralyzed larynx, but a device called electro larynx changed everything. Thanks to the power of advance technology, Judah’s life will be much brighter.
Judah and his sister, Annikah, were born 24 weeks earlier than normal. Both weighed just over a pound at birth. Though the doctors did not expect the two to survive, but luckily they did. However, Judah suffered from many health problems. He was hospitalized for several months in the year 2015. He was given a tracheotomy tube to help him breathe and survive. Unfortunately, the tube that extended his life is also the reason why he cannot use his voice. The tube damaged Judah’s vocal chords, thus resulted to his larynx paralysis.

Photo: Youtube

Jessica and Mike Bittner adopted Judah and his sister. They are determined to help all of their adopted children succeed as much as they can. Judah was introduced to the high-tech electro larynx device, which allowed him to say “Mommy” for the first time. At first, Judah was hesitant to use the device, but when he finally tried it and heard his own voice, his face suddenly flushed out a smile that radiates inside the room leading everyone to smile. This wonderful moment was captured through a video and it has gone viral in the net.

Photo: Youtube

Judah’s mom constantly shared his progress with the new device on social media. She said that Judah is getting used with the device. The encouragement of his kindergarten classmates and the people who cared for him was really a great help.  But even though Judah has adjusted with the electro larynx already, they are still preparing and looking forward for Judah’s surgery that would reconstruct his airways, and eventually proceed to another procedure to try to fix his vocal chords paralysis. In this way, Judah would be able to speak again. Though this is still a long journey but his parents believe that Judah can do it.  After all, Judah is such a fighter and a survivor ever since he was born. Let us be inspired by Judah’s story, may we be like him, a survivor and a fighter.