Jealous Baby Steals Love and Affection

             Love and affection can be expressed in so many ways. Some of us express it through words and phrases, some through music in every lyric they try to sing. Some of us express it through our very own actions, may it be hugging or kissing that someone we love so much. We do everything to make that special someone feel what we wanted to make them feel like. We sincerely do things for them, just to show and make them feel our love and affection. Despite it all, what if a little infant tries to steal this love and affection? It sounds funny but yeah, he is trying to steal that and look for yourself in this video.

                We get through things every passing day. And this little guy gets through jealousy on this day. We all have been there too. That strange feeling that makes our heart feels heavy and weary and we just wanted to take revenge just to ease the pain and weight in our hearts. In this video, you’ll get to see a tiny little guy show off her jealousy and steals away the love and affection his parents were recently sharing with each other. His mom and dad shared love in front of his eyes. His dad was kissing his mom while he was in his mother’s arms. And how he responded to this act? He kissed his mom. Jealous of just your dad showing love to her, this little guy just has give out a big kiss to his mom. And as the time went by, his mom persisted on kissing her husband and the little guy persisted on getting along the love too. He showered his mom with kisses at first then later on his hand gestured to his dad and kissed his dad too.

                The scene was just so cute seeing a love triangle in a totally different way. It was a love triangle we don’t see nowadays. Love triangles have been perceived as notorious things if you’d ask a teenager. And this type of love triangle right here with the parents together with their child tells a different story. This love triangle is the type of love that leaves smiles on one’s faces. What more can you ask for? See the change and how the couples smiled on their little guy’s act. It looks so overwhelming and very innocent at the same time. Just pure love poured back and forth and nothing else. This has been one of the best videos that show how love and affection is purely expressed, and ages never really mattered.