Incredible Performance of a 6-Year-Old Girl who’s Battling Cancer Will Make you Cry

     Every one of us has probably felt the ups and downs in our lives. There are times in which we even turn a blind eye on such bad events and act as if nothing is wrong. We’ve been thrown to several difficult situations in which God has put us up to in order for us to grow and be strong.

     God put us up to fight those battles because he knows that we can find the right solution for it, and not to give up. He made those trials for us to survive the world that we live in now. These ups and downs in our lives have been on the run every day, and it’s chasing us as we further succeed in life. Of course, it is impossible to stay on the top of the good side of the cycle, but neither should we acquiesce to stay on the down side.

     We have to keep going and enjoy our lives together with our love ones as we treasure those good and bad moments for the rest of our lives. If these thoughts aren’t enough to carry and help you keep going through your tough times, then at least watch the video below as a source of inspiration.

     The girl on the video is named Anya Ottley. Anya is a six-year-old, brave little girl who’s fighting for her life against kidney cancer. Before you watch the video, please do bring a handkerchief or a tissue.

     She’s an inspiration to a lot of people because she doesn’t want to give up, and she’s doing her best to stay positive. We can actually tell that she has this unique talent that could make you feel the feelings on the song through her performance at a family friend’s wedding. Little Anya takes the mic and starts singing “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, avery  relate-able song to everyone who knows what she’s been through.

     Kathryn, Anya’s forty-three-year-old mom, says that her daughter wanted to sing for the wedding.  They didn’t realize that there would be a song more fitting than this one for little Anya.
“Anya asked me what the song should be and we thought about ‘Fight Song,’ which fits really well.” – Kathryn

     The brave little girl brought tears to her mom as well as the other visitors, as she sings the song from the bottom of her heart. She is a real fighter, and there’s no doubt about it. Just watching her sing the “Fight Song” can surely melt your heart right away. Tears of joy runs through Anya’s mother’s eye while clapping.

     As she continues to sing the song, her mother stand at her back clapping with joy as well as other women on the reception who joined her as well. The crowd also happily clapped their hands up high in the air to give moral support to little Anya.

     The doctors broke out the news of Anya’s diagnosis to her family back in November 2017. Sadly, at her early age, she had to go through intensive chemotherapy sessions. Thankfully, after those hard days of their lives, they actually saw the light when little Anya survived the last round of her therapy. 

     The family was so thrilled and planned to give her a “ring-the-bell” party to celebrate the occasion. We gladly wish that Anya will have fast recovery and good health! Bless her always together with her family, relatives, and friends! May this video enlighten you as well as continue to inspire other people to never give up on their problems.