Heartwarming Photo of Kids Goes Viral; Friendship that shall drive racism away

         Met someone randomly at the school and got easily clicked with? That is usually how one get to have a friend. All of us need that someone you easily pour your heart out and share freely your problems and thoughts. No matter what race, what color of complexion you got, what are you are or whatever country you belong to, no one should ever dictate you who should you be with. As long as you’re doing nothing wrong, why not be friends?

          Some people care a lot about who they get to mingle with. One should, no one knows who you get to bump to. But it’s never wrong to trust someone you barely knew. The video below shall let you see how these kids careless about what the world would say and care more about what they truly believe in. The video got viral and melt thousands and thousands of people’s heart. News and media always have released press about how awful racism has been for some countries that even their parents never cared about stopping their own child to be a racist. Children grew up thinking their race or their complexion says they are superior and the other one is inferior which is absolutely not right. With all these heartbreaking news running over the internet like wildfire, here’s a viral photo that made everyone’s heart melt like ice.

The two met at an airplane, Kendall and Shauntay had a flight headed to Flint, Michigan with Allegiant Airlines. It was a short flight and just when the airplane has landed, they became instant friends. The photo that went viral online was Kendall and Shauntay holding hands as they deboard the plane together. Probably, this is just what happens when you take their devices off them. They get to talk to a real friend, not a virtual one. You can let them apply the social skills you hone them.
The two moms reunited the two kids just a week after the said flight. This was after Shauntay’s mom saw the photo, she and Kendall’s mom decided to get this two kids meet again. It was not just them who saw the photo but also the Allegiant Airlines. They were happy to see such thing happening and rewarded the kids for their kindness, gave $100 off their next flight and free parking for both Shauntay and Kendall’s family.

Everything has been just so pure and innocent that makes us think again about life. There are a lot of bad things going on this world, and this has been one prime example that we could be good ones too. No matter how young or how old you are, nothing is too late and too early. We need someone like Kendall and Shauntay who never cared about what they say or who they get to interact with. They just act out of pure kindness and friendship. This could drive us all of being a good one to another human being in this world. That we could be friends, it doesn’t matter how short or how quick we interact. It’s the friendship that matters the most.