Heartwarming Moment; Students Surprise Janitor With Generous Gift

Appreciation can be given to someone you are grateful for. Mostly, it is because of what they do and how they manage things in such an amazing way or responsibly. There were only a few people we get to give our appreciation too. Mostly are the ones we see that the crowd appreciates. But no one usually appreciates those who work behind the curtains, who work behind the scenes. There might be some people who appreciate them but only a few.

Photo: Tom Wren

These people have dedicated their lives to the institutions just like the janitorial staff in the schools and offices. They dedicated their time too. Yet they do not usually receive the credit they truly deserve. They work as hard as the teachers, the faculty and the other workers do. There is no huge thing between them, probably just the names they got or the places they were assigned to and the tasks they do. All worked hard and dedicate their time for the company or institution. Who appreciates those who work hard behind the scenes? This school in the video below do. They changed something and this video would surely melt your heart.

Photo: Denise Gordon

From the University of Bristol, England, Herman Gordon is a simple jolly janitor whom the students and the university did truly appreciate. He usually gives cheers and never fails to bring smiles in people’s faces. He got this great sense of humor that truly brightens the students’ day and would probably brighten your day too if you get to meet him. Everyone would truly appreciate teachers in the schools, but who appreciates the janitor? This university do. They admired the jolly fellow and look at what they did for Herman.

Photo: Ted Roberts

Life is not that perfect and so does for Herman. He might walk in school with beams or rays of sunshine but despite of this character of his he do need one too. The students were surprised when they knew that he haven’t seen his family for years already, 4 years specifically. He missed them already. Unfortunately, he and his wife could not afford a trip going to Jamaica. This touched the students’ heart and decided on helping him out. As an exchange for all the times Herman had put smiles on each of the students’ faces they started a crowd funding campaign. Unexpectedly they received more than 230 donations which were more than enough to pay for Herman and his wife’s vacation to Jamaica. The students were able to give Herman £1,500 or about $2,000. They got the money in cash and put it in an envelope. They handed it to Herman and when he opened the envelope he got speechless. Then he pulled off a handkerchief and tears were slowly showing up. The moment was priceless seeing him so happy to receive such a gift and opportunity for him to be able to see his family back in Jamaica.

Photo: Shareably

This video shows no one should ever be under appreciated for what they have done. And through this, Herman is pretty sure he always has a special place in the hearts of the students of University of Bristol.

Video: The Sun