Granny and Her Dog are Having an Amazing Time

Dogs are man’s best friend.  It has always played an important role to many people. There are even dogs that sacrificed their own life for the sake of its master. And most of the dogs brought a lot of joy to people.

The viral video of this dog dancing to the song of an old lady has captured the attention of the netizens, It is an example of a dog bringing lots of happiness to a human being, and I’m sure not just to the woman but as well as to the people who were able to watched it, since it has reached to almost 800 thousands shares and more than 400 thousands reactions in facebook. Wow! I am pretty sure that many facebook users were amazed by these two. Who wouldn’t be happy watching them? The dog is dancing like a pro! And the woman couldn’t contain her happiness, as if she is singing to her own child or grandchild; such an amazing time together!

Getting old is not an excuse for us not to have pets. In fact, most of our elders love to have animals around them as companions, especially, if they are just on their own. We have seen so many old people that treated animals, mostly dogs like their own family. They are delighted in taking care of them. And, amazingly, in return dogs take good care of them too. Dogs eased the loneliness that our elders feel.

Animals especially dogs are of great help to humans. That is why we should take good care of them, because in the end they will also give to us what we had given and shown to them. Let us love dogs as if they are our own children. May all the people do so and stop cruelty to animals. Animals deserve our love and affection too. Just like human beings they too have feelings and emotions. Though they couldn’t speak the way people do but they can understand and they can communicate too. They understand how we feel. They understand our feelings. And, they can communicate through their actions. For instance, the dog in the video, understands the need of its master to be happy. So, to fulfill the need for happiness, the dog dances like a human being. And the dog successfully gives the happiness to its master.

Let us be sensitive to everybody’s needs. If the dogs are sensible to its master’s wants and needs, how much more we human beings? We are created with a brain million times higher than dogs. Let us use our brain to communicate with our heart to be sensitive to other people especially to our elders. For those who are touched by this video, I hope that if we still have our elders with us, let us spare to them a little time and show to them our love and affection.  Just like dogs, let us give back to them what they had given to us a long time ago when we were still the delicate and weak and they were still at their strongest age.