Girl Learning She's Being Adopted Will bring Tears to Your Eyes

Everyone dreams of having a complete family and loving parents. But, to the eyes of the foster children, to be adopted by a parent and to be safe in their loving arms are all they asked for. On the other side of the story, every couple also longs to have a child to be called family. Thanks to the opportunity of becoming a foster parent; this is a moment when couple gets a chance to be a real parent.

For instance, the video of a little girl being adopted is such an overwhelming scene to watch. Her reaction for finding out she is going to be adopted has gone viral and is considered as the most beautiful thing in the internet today. The girl is Ivey Zezulka, 10 years old and who is in a foster care for three years. Her then foster parents prepared a gift for her. Inside the gift was an announcement of her adoption. Upon reading, tears immediately rolled on the girls cheeks. Those were tears of joy and relief as well, that finally she has found a home; and surprisingly her biological brother and sister have found their home also to the same parents. Such a pleasant surprise!

The journey of the three siblings to becoming a Zezulka started when the couple, Paige and Daniel Zezulka of Athens, Georgia decided to become foster parents. It was Kai, the brother of Ivey, who was then 5 months old, was given to them. The couple didn’t know that Kai had an older sister – Ivey, who happened to be in a foster home as well. The couple had thought of adopting Kai and Ivey, after they were asked if they are willing to adopt the two kids. They had loved Ivey since the moment they met her. The couple had known Ivey and spent time with her through arranged play dates and outings with Ivey’s then foster family. The younger sibling, Lita came into the couple’s life when she was just a few weeks old. Because of the love of the children, Paige said yes right away when asked if she can foster Lita as well. Because of this, the couple decided to also take care of Ivey. The couple was worried if Ivey will have a hard time living with them since she is already older and she had spent some time already with her previous foster parents. But things went on smoothly. Ivey asked the couple if she can call them Mom and Dad and if she could stay with them forever. It was a memorable moment that melted the hearts of the couple. Right then and there they have decided to take care of Ivey and love her as their own. And since they wanted to reunite the siblings they also decided to adopt the two children.

The couple holds such compassionate hearts. They were amazing. Ivey and her brother and sister are truly blessed to have these 2 wonderful parents. Their story is truly inspiring. For children who are continuously seeking for the love and care of parents, there is always hope that someday they may find a real love of a mother and a father. May this story inspire those who are called for foster parenting to accept the call. There are many children who need your love and affection. Let them experience the love and safety in your loving arms. Please accept the call to take care of young children, and feed their hunger of love and affection for a family.


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