Funny: Babies Funny Reactions on their First Lemon Tasting

                Innocent and pure, babies are surely described with these phrases. They have no idea how things in this world works. And you can’t remember memories back when you are a baby, too. How you started to walk, to talk and eat your food for the first time by yourself. We grew up from infants to toddlers, but still got no clue what were the funny things that happened to us back then.  Remember your first food back when you were a child? Our parents do remember that for sure. Our first solid food, first sweets, and the foods we usually wanted to partake again and again before. We sure have a lot of memories when it comes to our firsts. We might not be able to remember even a single moment back when we were toddlers, but it sure did left our parents and family laughing at our reactions. Just like this video compilation of babies tasting lemons for the first time. You sure would enjoy their silly faces and funny reactions.

                We all were once curious how everything works, how people talk, where do things go and even how do foods and even things taste like. That might be the reason why babies are fond of directly putting into their mouths whatever they get to grab to, may it be toys or their pacifier or even the corners of the crib. Some babies even tried to eat their towels. We sure did undergo that thing. You sure did. Now get your belly ready for laughing out loud at  these cute reactions these adorable babies have once they get to taste the lemons.

                These videos would never fail to leave you laughing out loud. These cute little ones were too pure and innocent, and definitely eager I could say, in giving a big bite to this unknown food. They sure did expect this one’s going to be sweet or the usual good food they get to eat. But surprise was just around the corner waiting for that cute little mouth to get a taste of it. They seemed to be cool at first then their faces turned sour as sour as the lemon they get to taste to. Some babies liked it while some shows a sour look at their face once mommy grab it near their mouth, that sure is a good indicator if they want more or not.

                Laughs boomed as they get to show their reaction at their first tasting of lemons. They seemed to be confused, but hey, innocent as they are always leave us entertained. They’ll wink and blink their eyes right after. With a twisted mouth and eyebrows meeting both ends, dude they sure are in great complicated tasting scene. Watching this video would truly melt away the bad vibes in your body today. This video would surely give you a good laugh at these innocent and adorable babies. Who wants more lemons? For sure some of them won’t take a bite at it anymore.