Frenemies Forever. Compilation Videos of Dogs and Cats Loving and Hating Each Other.

Yes, it is natural for animals to fight. As their way of defense, they can be mean to each other. Even humans are mean to each other specially if we argue about money and land. Sad, but it is true. For animals, they usually fight for them to survive. They fight for their territory or they fight to defend their offspring. Though they are capable of killing other animals as part of their nature, they are absolutely also capable of loving unconditionally.

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Loving unconditionally, best describes the compilation video between a dog and a cat relationship. As you watch, you can see how they could be mean to each other but still with love and undying friendship. Who would have thought that dogs and cats are also a perfect match? Watch the video to feel their cuteness together. Surely, you will want to hug them and bring them home.

When dogs and cats develop something like an unusual friendship, they could be inseparable. They fight, they scratch each other’s faces or even bite each other. But it does not mean that they are always on war. In fact, it’s also their way how to make each other’s company worth every minute. As a matter of fact, you can see in the video that they can be sweet to each other when they are together. 

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You can see a small cat that keeps on scratching the face of a giant dog but the gentle dog seems just tolerating it and just lightly catching the cat’s sharp nails with its large mouth. The dog is just accepting the great punches of the cat without hurting it back. Dogs are just so patient when they are handling smaller ones. You can also see a cute puppy and a cute kitten sleeping beside each other. And they could not resist each other’s softness, that the small cute kitten just wants to slide its tiny head beside the puppy’s head. Pretty sure, they will grow up as best of friends.

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This video can make us realize that if two different animals can be giving to each other, then why can’t we be like them? Despite of their differences, they still find something in each other that can make them unite and love. We have so much capabilities than animals but sometimes we act like we do not have such intelligence and abilities. And these make us usually selfish and greedy.

In this world that we are facing, think we need to set aside our differences and face the reality that we need each other’s hand. We need to be like these animals who care for each other despite the fact that they are totally different from each other. They love and give unconditionally. We, people, can absolutely do these things especially now that no one can survive alone.

Let us make our Creator and this world happy, by spreading kindness and love just like these two adorable animals which have been truly inspirational. Bonus, the cuteness!