Firefighters saves the day! Husky Thanks the Man With the Wettest Thank You

     As we all know a Firefighters’ job is to put out fire, but aside from that they could also save others from getting stuck on high grounds such as roofs and trees. They are trained in extensive firefighting exercises such as how to extinguish and differentiate hazardous fires that could threaten the lives of other people.

     Whenever there’s a fire, they had to move fast so that they could act out to put out the fire as soon as they can. Their life is on the line too, as they could get burned or they could get buried from the debris to save a life.

     Firefighters are also known to have done a great job in rescuing trapped animals. Being a firefighter means more than just battling blazing fires. They save people lives and rescuing pets from danger. They even act as emergency medical technicians in some situations.

     Most of the time, we fail to recognize these amazing firefighter authorities for saving us from many kinds of danger. This time, an adorable dog kisses the firefighter who rescued him from being stuck on his master’s house roof.

     A dog got out of his home through an open window but got stuck on the roof. A Good Samaritan saw the dog and alerted the authorities. He also stood by the area to ensure nothing bad would happen to the dog while the rescuers were still on their way.

     The firefighters used their ladder to reach the roof of the two-story house. The dog then gave his rescuer a lovey-dovey smooch on the face for his hard work.

     According to an investigative report from the police, they claimed that the authorities have received multiple calls about a dog stuck on the roof of a house. Apparently, the dog had climbed out of an upstairs window but then didn’t know how to get himself down.

     In the video, you can see that after the fireman climbed on the roof using their ladder, he was trying to open one of the windows of the house so that the adventurous dog can get back himself inside the house, but it looked like the dog was confused at first. Maybe it is because of the traumatic experience of being stuck on the roof for some time. Later on, the dog went near to the fireman and gave him a heartwarming kisses – as a sign of giving thanks, then his rescuer carried him and put him inside the house.

The Wells Fire Department wrote and posted on their social media page on Facebook saying:

“Even doggies need to be saved sometimes! This beautiful dog managed to get out onto the roof of his home through an upstairs window. We received numerous calls but one concerned citizen, Phil Burke, discovered him early on and notified us. Another awesome citizen stood by with the dog until we could arrive on scene! Officer McDonald, in conjunction with the Wells Fire Department, worked together to rescue him! Thank you to all that called and help save him.”

     Fortunately, the neighbors are very kind and concerned for the animal and immediately called for help. And a round of applause to the firefighters who went to rescue the dog even its just a simple task.

Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!