Exceptional Dance Performance from The Lab: The Cut Brings out Emotion (World Of Dance)

Victory comes with courage, determination, and right attitude. With these three, everything is possible, even the most terrible experience cannot hinder success.
Possessing these three values in their hearts, the young dancers that make up “The Lab” came out and showed to the world their exceptional performance. The performance was indeed no ordinary one as it portrays full of emotion dance routine.

It was known that one of the dancers had a tragic event in her life, this is one of the reasons why the crew performed with full of sentiment in their hearts. Determined as they are the crew that is competing in this season NBC’s World of Dance, set aside the sad experience and performed extraordinarily on the stage. The crew took the sad experience as their inspiration in completing their heart-warming dance routine. The emotion flowed out during the performance. It was very overwhelming that even during the performance the audience including the judges felt the great feeling as they were misty-eyed.

The tears were held back until after the crew finished their performance and the young lady whose had a heartbreaking experience spoke directly to the judges expressing her gratefulness to her group for helping her get through with that difficult experience. Even the judge, Derek Hough choked down as tears slowly rolling down from his eyes upon saying that the most beautiful thing that she gained from her experience is the people around her that supported her; that their group is so powerful as a team and as dancers and creators. To the judges their victory was because of their real and genuine emotion, and by letting them feel what they supposed to feel upon watching them perform. Truly, the exceptional dance performance of “The Lab” brought out emotions to everyone present, leading the dancers to sweep an almost perfect score from the judges.

With their performance, we can really feel and see the strong determination, courage and right attitude within the young dancers. However, in reality, there are people who reacted negatively towards their dreadful experiences. Some shut down the whole world and just hide in one corner of their house. Yet, this young dancer’s attitude is very admirable, instead of keeping the tragic event to herself, she took it positively and burst out her burdened heart to her team. Her act was so inspiring. It is an attitude that people should have. In whatever difficulties each of us encounter in our day to day endeavor, we must take it positively. People should always be optimistic in looking at things. Let us not forget that we are surrounded by people who are willing to listen to our sad stories. Let us take each terrible experience as a stepping stone for us to live a new life. Let us consider each experience as a challenge to defeat, let us always believe that after each storm comes a beautiful rainbow. As long as we have the determination and courage in our heart and the right attitude towards everything, then, everything will be possible and we can achieve the victory that we always hope for.